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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I posted the previous post without glorifying God for something! I should have skipped straight to the glorifying and left off the worrying part. Here's the story:

I got this letter in the mailbox from my landlord of 8 years that is asking for $50 more on the rent. This was a devastating blow to me for all kinds of reasons. Seems a bit trivial to some folks but when you've struggled as I have and struggled with the same landlord all these years, the whole thing takes on a greater significance and trauma.

I came in the house, just crumbled onto the floor (before the Lord), and wept sore. I poured my heart out to Him as best I could but my thoughts were so mixed up that I couldn't express myself. I just couldn't find the words to tell Him how I felt about it or to even ask how to feel. I just sobbed and babbled along about it in some form of broken English. I was okay with that however, because the Bible tells us that, "....the Spirit likewise helps in our infirmities; for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered." Romans 8:26. I knew in my soul that the Holy Spirit would take over for me, so I just opened my mouth and let my heart's words flow the best I could.

Mind you, my thoughts were all in a jumbled manner. I couldn't think enough to pray. I was distraught, worried, confused, angry, and so many other emotions were boiling to the surface regarding this landlord person I've dealt with all these years. This was another "incident" with her. 

My point however, is that suddenly from down on the floor, where my sobbing face was, I heard the Lord speak to my spirit and tell me to get my Bible. I obeyed. I said, "where Lord?" That's all I could say and He said, "Psalms." I went there. 

Now, my Bible is like anyone else's, marked all up. Prominent verses are underlined in bright pink and easily seen. Suddenly, my eyes are falling on every single underlined verse, but the miracle of it is that each verse came together, despite being so far from one another, to form one solid statement! "I am with you daughter, I love you and you're going to be okay. Don't worry." Suddenly, all of that fear, doubt, and confusion lifted off of me like a huge weight drawn up from a crane above me. I had a great wave of peace wash over me and my thoughts lined right up! I went from having the feeling that "I don't know anything right now" to "I know." I knew I was going to be okay because God heard my heart crying out to Him. He was going to show me the way, and that way would be right and good for me.

The biggest part of the whole thing is that I knew the Holy Spirit would intercede. I knew He would talk to the Father and sort it out. I knew I was in good hands. I always am.


  1. Amen Kelline,
    being in the Lord's hands is being in the best hands possible. I know in my own life how the scriptures have spoken to me when any other comfort and assurance wasn't quite enough. I 'take no thought for tomorrow' now, just trust in Him for 'every day of my life is written in His book before even one of them was formed'. He knows the way I take and will guide me, together with encouragement from brothers and sisters.
    God bless you

    1. Isn't it amazing how one person can say something and it have an impact on another's soul? You said, "I take no thought for tomorrow" and it just hit me right. Thank you again!

  2. Hey Sis! I'll be keeping you and this situation in my prayers. Boy if satan isn't upset with you. What have you been doing to make him so sore?
    Matthew 6:25 thru the end would be good for your spirit, if you haven't already read it lately.
    He hasn't forgotten you or forsaken you.
    I know that He will save you mightily in this situation!
    He is a Mighty God!
    He is a Miracle Working God!
    He is a protective Father! And a Supplier Husband! He is All Sufficient!
    Love you Kelline! Keep praising Him in the midst of the storm.

    1. Hey sis!!

      As always you coming bearing arms against the devil. He must dread seeing you coming to your Christian friend's rescue. Talking about powerful! I will definitely read that verse...again...as I've read all of the Bible many times. The Lord, I believe, is always using others to help those of us in times of trial. So, if you suggest Matthew 6:25, then I consider that to be a word from the Lord and will obey. Thank you for prayers...that's more needed than anything else in this world!! I love you!!

  3. I love this post, I love how your so open and honest, many can relate. I especially can relate to struggling and also going to talk to God and having no idea exactly what to say but just knowing I need to talk to Him. God is so amazing and His love is beyond words.

    I was reading Hosea today and when I got to chapter 11 I just stopped and thought to myself, wow this is love. How great our Lord is! I'm so Glad He opened my eyes and ears, I was really really blind. What a mighty God we serve!!! I pray God continues to rain blessings on you and guide you on the path of righteousness.

    1. Hi Sateigdra,

      I hope you were as blessed with the story as I was to tell it!! He always reminds me of His ability and greatness! And like you, I was once so blind! But the Bible promises that if we seek, we shall find, and He's faithful to deliver!

      Thank you for just saying the words, "I pray God continues..." in reference to a situation, dear sister. Those are some powerful words in my life when I hear another believer tell me they'll pray that God does something or moves for me! Atheists make fun of us all the time and call God "our imaginary friend," and it hurts to know they don't know Him nor try to know Him. They're missing so much joy and light and especially the peace and strength He can give at times like I'm having!

      Thanks for coming by and may God rain those same blessings on you ever and continuously, oh I pray thee Lord! Amen.

    2. Kelline wrote: "Now, my Bible is like anyone else's, marked all up. Prominent verses are underlined in bright pink and easily seen. Suddenly, my eyes are falling on every single underlined verse, but the miracle of it is that each verse came together, despite being so far from one another, to form one solid statement!"

      Well, my Bible isn't marked up at all. I hold the view, that it should be possible to read texts (and so the Bible) with different intentions. And therefore, any markup is distracting.

      Another anecdote, which came in my mind: I've read about a Christians who walked across a bookshop and picked a book by random. He dipped into a single line and put the book back in the shelf. That one line was so important to him, that he got the feeling, that the whole book was written for just these single line ...

    3. Your comment puts me in mind of one person who has been set on a different path and given different gifts than another. You see, you do it your way and I do it mine and your way works for you while my way works for me. That's the reason I quit believing in religion because it takes God out of the scenario and begins the expectation of oneself. God doesn't control the man, man controls the god.


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