We all have a choice to believe in something, I choose to believe in God!

Saturday, January 5, 2013


Dear Evolution,

If I evolved from an amoeba, then why do I have a conscious? Why would you give me something which causes me to pause before I act? If you gave an alligator a conscious, he would starve to death, same for a lion. They can't feed themselves if they have a conscious. I mean, have you seen how they behave when a baby deer wonders too close to the edge of the pond?


Dear Atheist,

If there is no God, then why can I not remain in my sin? If there's no God then what is the thing inside my soul that pulls me away from the things I know are wrong. Why is there no amount of rationalizing or justifying that allows me to comfortably continue down that path of doing wrong? With so many cultures and beliefs around the world, how do I instinctively know what is right and wrong? You say it's a conscious? Well, why would I need that if I'm just a product of an evolutionary process? I mean, if I was an alligator with a conscious, I would starve to death....oh wait...I think I've heard that somewhere before. <shrugs>


Dear God,

With all the miracles of nature, all the inner parts of the human psyche and the spark of spirit inside every living being, how could I ever doubt that you exist? If you don't exist, then why do we bother with love? Why don't we just remain in a state of instinctual behavior...feeding and breeding, death and the births that replace those who have died?


To your right is a documentary I chose out of many that can be found with David Attenborough, one of our world's greatest teachers of the planet and the life on it. This is an awesome video that shows many of the animals that we have here on our "Pale Blue Dot" (an allusion to Carl Sagan and the prior post). The animals that live on this planet each seem to be able to do something that the other species cannot. It's as if each one was deliberately hand made to perform it's specific task and each task has the purpose of keeping the planet clean and free from being over run with either plant species or animal species.

If you like nature programs and you're curious about what's going on in the Himalayas, this video will satisfy your needs. Grab a snack and relax as David Attenborough effectively and somewhat humorously explains the life on our planet in at least one little corner of it. I hope you are able to revel in the design of our greatest artist, our God!