We all have a choice to believe in something, I choose to believe in God!

Saturday, August 18, 2012


"....but I don't understand, why does God allow this to happen?" How many times have I asked that question? I've asked it enough that today I think He answered it, at least in part.

We've probably all heard about the flooding in the Philippines and the loss of life. But have you heard of the triumphs and successes? Have you seen the pictures of the streets literally flooded with both water and people on their way to try to do what they can? How about the pictures of people helping others? That's the meaning of it all. 

There are probably many hidden reasons, but there are reasons that can be seen clearly and without special spiritual guidance. It's simple. I can sit in this house all day and do nothing and it's going to add nothing back to my life. But let me hear a car wreck outside and suddenly, I'm rushing around grabbing water, blankets, phone, etc. (an experience I have had). Suddenly, what was a moment of silence and nothingness wherein I'm all alone doing nothing, becomes me and every other neighbor rushing to the aid of the car wreck victims. Suddenly, everyone is working together to aid in any way possible. It's the unity that comes from the tragedy! And it's a miracle to behold.

This post doesn't have to be a long one to point out the obvious. When a tragedy strikes, we pull together and become one mind, one back, one muscle, one heart, one intention, one love! During that time of what we call 'tragedy,' we are all more alive than ever. If you've ever been in a situation like the one I experienced with the car wreck victims, you know what I mean by coming alive and uniting with others as one. Suddenly, you forget yourself and all things that apply to you. You forget what you're wearing, how your hair looks (ladies)....everything. You forget such frivolities because, in the grand scheme of things, it's not important. I truly believe that tragedy is God's way of providing us with unity for our own betterment because otherwise, we may not exercise it often enough for ourselves. I realize there are those who would be shocked or angry to hear me say, "tragedy is a kind of gift from God" (which we'd see for sure it is if we see the blessings that come from it). I for one have never felt more worthwhile and important than when I've had a part in helping someone to help another. It's that unity that overcomes the tragedy and senselessness of it all.

In short, I say that we consider this the next time we see a mighty tragedy happening in the world that seems senseless and has caused too great a loss of life and remember that in the unity is the greatest form of love [agape]. Why? Because, we rush to someone else's aid, regardless of danger to ourselves, regardless of what we look like, or anything having to do with appearance, we just rush to help others to help. Remember that it's likely a stranger being helped and how many people go around loving a stranger, per se?  Agape is the kind of love that has no bounds and has no conditions. It's just there when it's needed and does what it has to do to give of itself.

Unity during tragedy + show of agape = the overcoming spirit!

I wrote this with my eyes crossing at 1:30 a.m. Please consider that if it's misspelled or kooky sounding. I had a revelation while on another blog and had to blog before it melted.