We all have a choice to believe in something, I choose to believe in God!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


O.k. world, riddle me this...if we came from an explosion in space or a process called "evolution," then where did we get such depth? Why do we cry? Why are some of us more passionate than others? What makes us feel each other's pain? Why do all of us, with a heart, seem to have the same reaction to puppies and babies? What makes some of us jump in to save the drowning victim and others just stand by and watch the victim get saved? Where's the "evolution" and "explosion" in all of that love and depth of our human nature? Why is a nation that was founded on Christian principles (that would be America) more apt to reach out to 3rd world countries with help, than non-Christian nations? What is the deciding factor that makes up the heart of a person who goes into the mission field? Do you realize what they go through just to spread love (which is the Gospel of Jesus Christ)? So much sacrifice! Just like Jesus. So, this is what I'm really proposing...we are the clay on the spinning wheel of God. So, therefore, the same way that Picasso's work was identified by his style, so too, is God's style seen. Not only that, but notice His signature, His fingerprint on everything that breathes, grows, lives and wasn't created by man. I've spoke of this in earlier blogs but I can't help mentioning it again. It's like computing, there's several ways in but you'll always arrive at the same place. There's no way that science can explain our origins completely and fully and to our satisfaction. So, I leave this blog full of questions. Do you know the answers? Can you prove it? I'm gonna believe what the Holy Bible says because it makes sense and exploding rocks don't.