We all have a choice to believe in something, I choose to believe in God!

Thursday, September 29, 2011


It took me years to understand what it means to have God's mercies. So, here's what we know, "...our adversary, the devil, as a roaring lion, walks about seeking whom he may devour." I Peter 5:8. What it means to be "devoured" by your adversary or enemy (the devil) is to find yourself completely consumed with grief, sorrow, trial, tribulation, etc. That's how he "devours." Ever feel that way? Ever feel like "it's always something?" That's your enemy seeking to devour you. His goal is to completely and utterly destroy you. He will use any tactic and any person to achieve his goals. He'll send people to say all the wrong things at the wrong times. He'll afflict your body with sickness and disease. He'll cause tribulation to follow you or wait around every corner. He has "little helpers." I like to call them minions. They're the ones on your job or at school that run around spreading rumors about you. They're the ones that steal your stuff. They're the ones that pretend to be your friend to your face, but will steal your mate if they get the chance. They're the ones that are ever so quick to ask you for help or to borrow something, but never have it to give when you need it. They're the ones who only call to dump on you but when you need someone to talk to, they're never there. Those are all satan's little helpers, his minions. And he uses them daily in an attempt to devour you. That's where God's mercies come in. You may not have ever given Him a thought, but He has given you one. He's the reason I haven't been consumed by all that happens to me. Yes, I struggle and suffer, but it's never more than I'm able to bear. I've glimpsed the depths of despair but God never let me stay there. It's as if He wanted me to see what I could be experiencing as opposed to what I actually am experiencing. He is merciful. All I've ever done is ask Him to help me. Deliver me. Save me. Set me free. Give me peace. Show me the way out. And He's faithful to answer every single time. Every single time. Every single time!!!!! So, today, I wept. And then I begged for mercy. So, tonight, I smile.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I'm still learning how to blog effectively, still trying to download photos. One thing I know is, how to Glorify God with my blog. So, today I'm posting a poem I wrote and published in a book called, "Collected Whispers," published by International Library of Poetry. I wrote so many poems through Divine inspiration but for some reason, this is the one He (God) wanted, this is the one He chose. It's not Shakespearean, only me being used by Him. 

Life's problems can be so cumbersome,
I'm so glad to know the Lord.
He's the strength I need to get through each day,
And eternity is my reward.
For living each day to His glory,
For devoting myself to His will,
For responding to the voice I hear,
Though it be so small and still.
There's a race that I must run,
A race that I'm determined to win.
I'm not racing against other people,
Though I'm running like the wind.
I run the race of living,
And sometimes I fall behind,
But Jesus is there to cheer me on.
He waits at the finish line.
And when I get there, oh, joy abounds
For those of us who ran,
And I'm happy to share the winning prize
With every woman and man
I'm not the only one running,
And I won't be the only one to win,
But if Jesus asks me what I think,
I don't want to run it again!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


O.k. world, riddle me this...if we came from an explosion in space or a process called "evolution," then where did we get such depth? Why do we cry? Why are some of us more passionate than others? What makes us feel each other's pain? Why do all of us, with a heart, seem to have the same reaction to puppies and babies? What makes some of us jump in to save the drowning victim and others just stand by and watch the victim get saved? Where's the "evolution" and "explosion" in all of that love and depth of our human nature? Why is a nation that was founded on Christian principles (that would be America) more apt to reach out to 3rd world countries with help, than non-Christian nations? What is the deciding factor that makes up the heart of a person who goes into the mission field? Do you realize what they go through just to spread love (which is the Gospel of Jesus Christ)? So much sacrifice! Just like Jesus. So, this is what I'm really proposing...we are the clay on the spinning wheel of God. So, therefore, the same way that Picasso's work was identified by his style, so too, is God's style seen. Not only that, but notice His signature, His fingerprint on everything that breathes, grows, lives and wasn't created by man. I've spoke of this in earlier blogs but I can't help mentioning it again. It's like computing, there's several ways in but you'll always arrive at the same place. There's no way that science can explain our origins completely and fully and to our satisfaction. So, I leave this blog full of questions. Do you know the answers? Can you prove it? I'm gonna believe what the Holy Bible says because it makes sense and exploding rocks don't.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


God bless America on this 9/11 anniversary. Inside, I'm giggling, just knowing how hard the terrorists TRIED to destroy us, terrify us, debilitate us. And yet, here we stand, America the beautiful, home of the brave!! Still beautiful still brave!! You can't steal a people's spirit Mr. Terrorist. You can't knock over a couple of our buildings and kill a nation. News flash, we procreate over here and even the people who lost their precious lives that day, have people going on for them. That's because we don't quit at tragedy. We use it to get stronger. We gain knowledge from your mistakes. On behalf of my people, let me thank you for it. My son joined the Air Force so he could do his part. How's that for "plans back-fired!" And let me say this as well, (like you can stop me), we love our people over here in the land of the free and the home of the brave. We love!!! Watch us rise up!!! Watch us getting stronger!!! Watch us overcome your evil with our good to the degree that YOUR people are here living in harmony with us. You know why? Because we're not like you!! We don't waste precious time and energy thinking up ways to hurt people in another country just because they worship differently. That's what it's really about, isn't it? Good vs. Evil, God vs. Satan!! Why is Satan who he is? Jealousy. He was jealous of God, so he proposed to put himself at or above God, and DOWN HE TUMBLED!! Terrorists, same thing. Jealous, busy worrying about us and what we're doing and wanting to stop us from how we live so they can be a supreme race. Hmmm. Seems like we've heard that story before (Nazi regime). Look how that story turned out. Face it, all you terrorists out there....you won't win. God is good, God is just, God is merciful, loving, kind, forgiving. He's your opposite and just like He won the heavenly battle, American's (who carry His spirit within our hearts) will always win the earthly battle. IF you prefer to fight. We don't pick 'em, we just win 'em. What can we say? It's a God thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! OH, WAIT...HE ALREADY DID!!!!

Friday, September 9, 2011


This is what I would have the world to know, that my Jesus can do all things. I am so exhausted. My spirit is weak and my body is frail. But, I know where to run for strength and renewal. So, while I'm praying to Him for all my needs, He shows up like the omnipotent God that He is. He doesn't ask for anything in return. He just washes over me like a mighty wave of peace and renewal. I don't know where each second will take me but I can know how I'll get to each second and with Whom I'll be traveling. He guides every step. He was the One Who told me to come to Him in my moments of sadness and weakness. Sometimes, I'm so tired that I can't even pray. I'm still tired even now, but I'm gonna get to the next second until all seconds have been exhausted and my mission on this earth has been fulfilled. That's really all I want, is to fulfill my mission, which each person has. Some people know what they were put here to do, and some people spend their whole lives searching. I'm still searching. I wish I knew. I wish I knew that the direction that I'm going in is the right one. It feels too exhausting to possibly be the right one but the Bible says, "where we are weak, He is strong." So, what appears to me to be the impossible, is actually nothing more than an arena for God to show Himself strong and capable in. I wouldn't take a step or a breath without Him. I tried that. Did NOT work. I can't do this thing called "life" on my own. I need Him. We all need a strength that comes from something other than anything this world can give. It's this world that drains the strength. It's God that puts it back.

Monday, September 5, 2011


I resent being referred to as a glorified monkey.  I didn't evolve, or crawl out of the sea as an amoeba.  I was "fearfully and wonderfully made" by a God whos fingerprints can be seen in the fact that almost every single living breathing creature/animal has 2 eyes over 1 nose and 1mouth.  If everything is the product of something as simplistic as evolution, then what's all the fabulous beauty and colors for?  Why would a "process" create beautiful colors?  Evolution dictates that something evolved to sustain itself in it's environment.  Why would a mallard duck need to be painted so beautifully so it can eat or breed?  Wouldn't it just have instinct?  Or scent?  Or sight?  Noooo.  Something much deeper is going on here.  Why would we wonder further than ourselves spiritually?  Why are we contemplating any of it if we're the product of a "process"? And why are the monkeys that ARE, still the same monkeys?  You know, scientists tell us that earlier human forms were us then.  Noooo.  Just like dinosaurs eventually grew extinct, certain human races have died off in a land that certainly must have been extremely harsh. What's to say those early forms of human weren't God's 1st attempts at what he finally settled on?  People, look deep inside yourselves, you aren't something evolved.  You are someone.  You have a soul.  There is a God.  He thought you up and breathed life into you.  Dig deep.  Don't let some scientific fact fool you into letting go of your humanity. Why do we cry and hurt?  Evolution wouldn't give you feelings.  Just instincts to survive.  That's the whole basis of evolution.  No scientist ever said, "people evolved from lower life forms so that they could effectively soothe their fellow man's broken heart after a divorce," or "so a mother could kiss her child's boo-boo."  Evolution is a process.  People are a CREATION and all things created have a creator.  A creator who gave us so much more than instinct to eat or breed.  Scientists have an answer for everything but God's the One who gave them all of their wisdom and insight.  Evolution, by it's very nature, wouldn't have anything to do with things of the spirit.  If you've ever wondered if there is a God, then there is a God.