We all have a choice to believe in something, I choose to believe in God!

Saturday, December 10, 2011


I was watching a special one night, I think it was "Beyond Belief" on ABC. This particular program was about people who had died and lived to tell what they experienced during their moment of "rest" (as I like to call it). Here's what impressed me and really made me believe that at least one of these people really experienced these things. Let me say this, there's a lot of people out there who write books about their death experience and are good writers. There's some phonies as well. I can tell the difference based on a couple of key facts. My writing today, is based on the story of a little boy. I don't know how old he was when he had his experience, but let's remember...he's just a child. He was playing basketball on an indoor court when he suffered an injury to his face. That injury opened his body to the attack of a flesh eating disease. During his struggle to survive, he died. During his death, he lived...with God. That's been told. Many people have told us that they've seen God. But this little boy is the first one that I believed and had no doubts of what he saw/experienced. Why? Because, I've been in the presence of the Holy Spirit many times and never once was I able to stop weeping with joy. I had more joy in those moments then any other in my entire life. I've experienced a lot of "sensations" in the natural but none ever flooded my soul with peace and joy. The Holy Spirit is that. So, I know that when someone talks of being with God there's usually an outward manifestation of that glory left behind. Weeping, laughing, glowing of the face, just sheer joy! This child, as he recounts his story, without ever making a facial expression, begins to weep. This is a 10 yr old boy (the age at the time he recounted the story). A normal, healthy, athletic, boy. Here's what most of us know about a 10 yr old. They don't cry unless necessary. They don't get mushy. They're in the beginning stages of asserting authority over their world as young men coming into puberty. Most are tough guys if possible. This young man was a normal 10 yr. old who loved throwing rocks on the water and playing basketball. A boy. A non-mushy boy. And yet, as he told the story, not a tear UNTIL he spoke of God and meeting him. He began to weep and I KNEW he had truly been in the presence of God and the glory was still upon him. Years later. I knew it was years before that he had the battle for his life. So, here he is, it's been years since he met God, and now he's even older, tougher, and less apt to cry in front of people..and he's weeping as he tells the whole world that he was in the presence of the Lord. There's just no way, in my mind, having raised two 10 yr .olds, that this young man with his athletic sense and true boy ways, is gonna cry about something like this in front of strangers, his mother, HIS DAD!! I know it's possible that he's just a sensitive child. I get that! But why didn't he cry about the other parts of the story? Like his mom's pain, or his face being messed up? He didn't even have expression when he began to weep in the first place. It wasn't an emotion he was expressing. It was the manifestation of a soul print...an abundance of joy left on his soul by the touch of God. It was an outward manifestation of the glory he had been within. The same joy began flooding my soul as well. I knew that somehow, I was in the presence of the Holy Spirit through this child and through the television. I expect readers to gasp in disbelief at how crazy that sounds. Well, there's no time, space, or walls with God. If human kind can create a wire that transfers sound and image, then God can traverse the same lines. It's not that crazy to think. So, it's been a year or two since I watched that program and I still see that little boy's precious face (albeit contorted and horribly scarred by the bacterial attack), his eyes filling with tears as he relives...not remembers....relives that experience with God. God uses these times and these people to remind us that He's there. It's like He (God) occasionally finds Himself someone He knows will tell the world what happened, so we can know too, that God is there!