We all have a choice to believe in something, I choose to believe in God!

Saturday, May 5, 2012


If I could meet a vast majority of people from around the world, what would be my impression of mankind after the fact? I have met many from around the world. I have somewhat of an opinion towards this inquiry.

I decided to try a social network. In this case, Google circles. It's Google's version of FaceBook. Why didn't I just do Facebook? Because everyone else already has. I never lean towards what all others do, but away from it. I find the unique and unusual, or the path less traveled to journey on. My adult children have warned me repeatedly not to go on FaceBook. I tend to take their protective advice. So, I chose circles instead.

Here is what I have found. This is an early opinion so I might find myself changing it within the weeks and months to come (which is a woman's prerogative). I have found that all in all, people are the same. When you go onto a social site (and I take into consideration that every single person reading this will have already done one or the other social sites and so have their own opinions) people come from everywhere. All over the world. I've been circled from the 4 corners of the globe.

Most of the people I have met online in this forum have been kind people. Most of them have their own set of morals and values that they feel strongly about. Most of them have a faith in something. Most of them prefer kindness over rude and insulting comments. Most of them want to have light hearted banter or philosophical discussion. Most of the opinions have one sharp contrast. Either they believe in God or they do not.

The ratio of believers to non-believers seems to be 20:1 or thereabouts. This is not a scientific statement. This is my little old self making the observation that out of 20 people only one will express disbelief in God.

There's also the percentage that do not mention a belief or a lack thereof. For the most part if I were to say anything about this, it would be that I am relieved to find that the majority of people believe in God and are willing to talk about Him in even the smallest ways.

I had one gentleman attack me for my faith. He wanted to delete my comment from another person's post for my faith and belief. He was so indignant that I could be so stupid as to believe in God...or as he called Him, "your imaginary friend." I simply reminded him that it's a public forum wherein I respect his beliefs as coming from a point of evolutionary theory and I asked him to respect mine as coming from a point of spiritualistic revelation. It's not possible to explain the presence of God to someone who has never felt Him. I have more than just felt Him, and so therefore am highly and richly blessed to be able to say, "He exists."

And so, this post is simply a quick touch on this new venture in my life to find the world out. I am open to this world and respect all faiths and beliefs. I've been insulted rarely but embraced mostly. I find that most of us just want to be loved and accepted and are willing to love and accept another in return. It may be that this is God's way of helping me to want to live. Don't look so surprised! I haven't wanted to live in a very long time. I can't explain this for I don't understand it myself.

I hope my reports only get better. I am an observer. I pay close attention to things as they take shape. I see a great body forming. This "person" is beautiful.