We all have a choice to believe in something, I choose to believe in God!

Friday, March 30, 2012


Why do we suffer? What's the point in tragedy? Why the Holocaust? Why the Tsunami? Why the Haitian earthquake? How can God let this happen? Why isn't everything peaches and cream?

This post is my view on all of it. Why do we suffer? I have come to believe that suffering has the most powerful meaning and ability to teach than anything else on this earth. No religion, no textbook, no Yale professor can teach like tragedy.

The Holocaust. A most atrocious, tragic, horrid loss of lives. No words can truly express it with the dignity and love it deserves. Every adult, as well as most school aged children on the earth, knows it happened. We all feel something when we think of it (or at least should feel something). How many have asked, "why did God let this happen?" I used to think God didn't allow such things and it was all the devil's work and God just picked up the pieces. But after studying scripture for the last decade, I see clearly God gives and takes away, blesses and curses. Whether it was at God's hand or with God's knowledge really isn't the point. The point is, what did mankind gain from it?

Today, the Holocaust is an event we embrace as another piece in the puzzle of our history. We use it as a tool to teach our children what the face of evil looks like. We use it to teach them compassion for their fellow man. We use it to help them understand what hate does; how hate manifests; how hate consumes. We use it to teach our nations what to look for in our leaders. We use it to learn what to avoid when joining ourselves to others in corporate belief. We use it to remember others and keep our hearts warm. We use it to teach ourselves how to forgive and go on. We use it to learn how to overcome tragedy and move past the memories and into a greater life existence. We use it to stomp out prejudice and to teach the value of embracing diversity in all people.

What's the value of a tragedy like the Japanese Tsunami? It has taught a nation of people that they can rebuild. It taught them the value of the family members they have, still surviving. It's often true that we don't realize what we have until it's gone. It taught the rest of the nations how to respect the Japanese people for their hope, strength, and will to survive. It taught us to pray for them, to send help, to hope with them. It taught us to see past their obvious external difference to ourselves, and into their human hearts. It taught us to value what we have. It gave many of us a new found respect for their culture and their ways. I, personally, was touched by the loving way in which they cleaned and displayed every picture found under the mud and debris. There is hope displayed with every photograph (the hope that someone's loved one would be recognized and located).

What could we have learned from the Haitian earthquake? To me, this one was the easiest to see. We, as a nation, learned to rise up and begin helping. Many flew to Haiti immediately, in order to help with healthcare and housing. Many came to rebuild; help with the cleanup;  administer healthcare and sustenance. Many went to adopt, or to be with those who's mother's arms were present but unable to embrace their child. We became surrogate comforters in place of the parents who weren't able. Again, it taught us that we can push past prejudice (which we all know still exists today) and go to the heart of love and give of ourselves until we're empty. When we do, we allow the Lord to fill us up again. We have used it to teach our nation where our infrastructure is failing and needs repair. We used it to show our children that being a parent means loving a child that isn't our own. Many found within themselves a love and compassion they didn't know they possessed.

The lessons in all of these major tragedies that we can learn is that we have love one towards another. As we go through our lives we don't think about this. We don't ask, "do I love other races or cultures?" But when a tragedy happens on the other side of the world (or closer to home), we can choose to look away or turn our eyes towards them in their hour of need. These tragedies are often used by God to do just that. We are forced to look outside of our world and see that people are hurting and in desperate need. He uses it to prick our hearts and warm us to their plight. He uses it to bring something out of us that lies dormant and unused.

God is in the middle of all of this. These things must needs be. This will not win me any new fans or gain me the admiration of my readers, but I believe that one of the factors governing these mass losses of life is the over-population factor. I believe that either God or God's plan is that the "thinning of the herd" needs to take place for mankind to exist on this planet without over running every square inch of dry land. How would this planet be right now if we had no death? Or we had only those handfuls of loss that really don't tip the scales in any way? There's a value and a purpose for it all. We have to realize it and embrace it. We have to trust God with all of it. It will behoove us to see value and life after these deaths.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


You're standing on a dry and dusty hill. There are people everywhere. All of which have come out to see the latest crucifixion. People are milling about simply waiting for the 3 prisoners to arrive. Off in the distance you can hear the crowd coming. People are rejoicing and laughing as if this is a great day for the city. A day wherein the riff-raff is being done away with. Every one is so glad their city will be purged of these 3 criminals.

Two of the criminals are petty criminals, thieves. The city is full of thieves so no body pays much attention to them. But the 3rd, a Jew, He's different. He's being crucified for the pleasure of the Pharisees. They've lodged these charges against Him. Calling Him a false prophet, a liar, a deceiver. They incited the people against Him. The people, for lack of knowledge, have joined the Pharisees in their cries of, "crucify Him."

The crowd of people surround the 3 criminals as they make their way up Golgotha, "The Place of a Skull." It's time to hang each criminal on their respected cross and let them languish unto their death. It's been a cruel death for the One who is different. The Roman guards have beat Him mercilessly. They've whipped Him until the flesh rips from His bones. They plaited a crown of thorns and not only laid it on His head, but pushed the mighty needles into His flesh until the blood runs down His face. They've ripped His beard from His face. They've showed no mercy.

There's something so different about the One's behavior. He seems resigned to this merciless abuse. The thieves are begging incessantly for mercy, crying out against what is coming for them. One insists he is innocent. The other assuring if he can have another chance, he'll steal no more. But the 3rd one, the One they call Jesus, He says nothing. He is struggling with the bulk and weight of the mighty tree He has to bear up the hill. There's a man helping Him to bear His cross but it's been forced upon him by the guards in order to speed things up. From the beginning of their journey the man protests saying, "what have I to do with this deceiver? Find another to help him!!" However, along the way, the more he looks at the face of the Man he is helping, the more he begins to feel a need to help Him, and he resigns himself to this task and even wants to bear this weight with this Jesus.

As they finally come to the place where each will hang on their cross, the guards have but to lay the cross on the ground. They force the thieves onto their crosses for hanging, but the man Jesus, needs no urging. He goes in compliance. Almost willing Himself freely to climb upon the tree and allow the next phase of His suffering. They will drive nails...great rusty nails, into His hands and feet to secure His body as He will begin to slouch under His own weight of death. Death will drag His body to the ground. The nails will secure Him there for all to see.

The nails are driven in, again, mercilessly. But He doesn't say anything or cry out in pain or protest. He endures. It's beyond anything any man can endure in silence but this Jesus, this "man," He endures this immense immeasurable suffering with resolve and stamina not to be matched by any human, ever. For, what kind of man doesn't cry out?

The crowd of people who have come on His behalf consists of simply His mother and His brother. There are perhaps some who followed Him and His sayings during His life but many have abandoned Him now in the face of this evil. Fearful that they too will suffer such a fate as His. But, rest assured that they are watching these proceedings from within the crowd. Drawn by His spirit of Deity. They cannot understand themselves as to why, but they are drawn nonetheless.

He hangs now. He hangs in the sun, the heat bearing down on Him. Until darkness came. A different kind of darkness. A daylight darkness. The end is soon. But He hangs in waiting. The thief He is dying with looks over to Him and sees with perfect clarity who he is hanging unto death with. The thief begs for the mercy he feels in his soul is receivable. He acknowledges with his mouth that he is a thief and worthy of this death. He tells the people that he deserves his punishment, but this "man" has done nothing to deserve the injustice and unrighteous acts perpetrated against Him. He looks over at Jesus and says, "Remember me when you go to your Kingdom." Jesus looks over to this wanton soul and says, "you will be with me in paradise." The man had only to believe in Him, and was saved. The other thief doubts this Jesus to his end. Saying, "if He is a deity, if He is God, let Him come down off of His cross and save us three!" His doubt would steal His soul in it's moment of evil and unrest. He would graduate from this world to find no rest for all of his eternity.

In one last act of humanity, Jesus says, "I thirst." Words that declare Him a man but also that were a fulfillment of prophesy in their right, for King David the Psalmist prophesied of His thirst. It must needs be said for the prophecy to be fulfilled in Psalm 69:20 that "...in my thirst they gave me vinegar to drink."

Suddenly, the One they called Jesus, cries out. He cried out only once in agony. It wasn't when they were driving the nails in or whipping Him mercilessly. He cried out when the sins He bore for all mankind separated Him from God. When the darkness fell on the earth for those 3 hours, the Son of God was apart from His father, for the Father is pure and Holy and cannot look upon sin. He cried out, "E' -li, E' -li, la' -ma sa-bach'-tha-ni?" "Father, Father, why have you forsaken me?" The pain of His flesh didn't compare to the pain of His separation from God.

There's no suffering in our lives that compares to being separated from God by our chosen sins. There's nothing you can do on this side of eternity that will hurt you that deeply. The pain and suffering of separation and the falling from Grace will bring a pain that has a depth incomparable to anything your body can endure. Think about this with quiet reverence and realize that confessing and repenting of such sins will bring you back to Him and reconcile you to your Father. Thereby returning you to the "peace that surpasses understanding." It's a perfect peace. 

Friday, March 23, 2012


I've noticed something unusual. In the old testament, God has the temple built with all of it's ornate detail. In fact, I believe one of the reasons for Exodus chapters 25-31 is so we could understand that our God has an eye for detail. He had everything planned down to the last thread. But that's beside the point for the moment. What was the curtain for? The priest was to take the sins of the people through offering and sacrifice and give it unto the Lord through a series of ceremonial acts and such. Now, I'm not breaking this down lest I lose my train of thought.

My mind is on the curtain. What do we know about the curtain or in this particular case, the veil? We know it was there to separate the high priests (The Levites), chosen by God for their service, from the people. They're job, their life was behind that veil. Notice something...in Exodus 26:31 the word is spelled, "vail." Hm. But now, let's skip over to Matthew 27:51 and it's spelled "veil." Hm, x2.

Well, I'm not a scholar but I know how to look up a word or two. The spelling for "vail" means "to lower as to show respect." However, "veil" means "concealing curtain or cover of cloth." I thought at first the people who put the King James version together did the typo thing. But no, it's like that all the way through the old testament and the same through the new.

May be it's nothing or may be someone will enlighten me as to the something it is. Moving on to the point I wanted to make. In the old testament, no one but the priest was allowed behind the veil/vail. This was something that separated us from God, in a sense. Back then, the people had to rely wholly on that "man" to do for them what they needed. Take their sacrifices and offerings to the alter for them to be burned and offered.

Then, Jesus comes as a Savior to the world and what happens at the very moment that Jesus "...yielded up the ghost," in Matthew 27:50? I'll tell you so you don't have to go look (hey, it's my pleasure). Matthew 27:51 says, "And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent (tore) in twain (2) from the top to the bottom;..."  Not from the bottom to the top. If it had been tore from the bottom to the top, then we might mistake the act to be one done by the hands of men. But a veil that is "eight and twenty cubits" Ex. 26:2, from floor to ceiling would have needed a few minutes to reach in order to be tore from the top down. Just how tall was the curtain? I could google it or use my head for something besides a hat rack...

Deviating from scripture for a math lesson...let me see if my college math will pay off here, while I try to calculate what the height of a curtain eight and twenty cubits would equate to in our language. One cubit is the equivalent of the length from the elbow to the tip of our middle finger (old testament style). This is 17.5 inches give or take. Square it off to a clean 12 ins. and I'll add the 7.5 along the way. Eight and twenty cubits...hm...would that mean 28 cubits or 17.5 ins. times 28? Shoot, I gotta figure that out too?...sigh...am I sounding crazy yet? Hmph...crazy like a fox...focus Kelline...if eight and twenty means 28 then 28 cubits x 17.5 ins. = 490/17.5 ins = 28 ft tall. That's about equivalent to a 3 story building if the building has 10ft high ceilings. (please forgive me if it's wrong, don't hang me by my toenails for it.)

That sounds worthy of our God. He's worth a temple having a 3-story curtain in it. A curtain handmade from fine linen lovingly dyed blue, purple, and scarlet (Ex. 26:1). The size of the curtain might have been the point when God had them made in the first place. That way, no man could claim glory for the tearing of the curtain in that brief moment of time, (except for may be Peter Pan with his nifty dagger and a flying leap). So, ya, we're going to assume I'm somewhere in the ball park until someone gives me the right answer. Anyway, on with our research...

Those in the temple watched and bore witness to the fact that upon his death the veil tore from the Heaven-side to the earth-side. Do you realize the implications?

No longer did we need a high priest to go in unto the Lord for us. No longer were we separated from entering the throne room. No longer did someone else go behind the curtain and do the talking for us. No longer were we expected to wait outside. The veil was torn and done away with. We were now able to "come boldly to the throne of grace,..." Hebrews 4:16.

There's so much more to the high priest but I won't go into that right now. Even though there's details about his duties such as his life lived totally and ever in the temple. Or the fact that they tied a rope of bells to the priests ankle and if God wasn't pleased with his abilities, words, sacrifices, or the way he presented them, He would kill the priest (I know, atheists everywhere are saying, "I told you so...He's a mean God). Those "banished" to the outside of the veil would know he was dead by the bells not ringing anymore. Then, they'd tow his body out by the rope and wait for God to appoint a new Priest. Aren't you glad we don't have to do that anymore? No more animals without blemish. No more waiting. No more hoping the priest does it just right so we don't have to travel back next year with a posse of beasts to try again for absolution. Yes, it's a true gift, the gift of coming to the throne of grace! Let's not take it for granted.

For all of that I say, 'Praise Your High and Holy Name, Lord, for seeing our need and making a way by sending your Son...the Propitiation for our sins.' I'll see you in my prayer closet, Father. :-)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

..and Jesus saith unto them, "I AM."

I posted yesterday about something I wanted to share. I usually try to hold off posting daily because it makes your readers feel like they have to "keep up" a pace to read all you post. But this is one of those times wherein I feel the need to share and can't really hold it back.

This is something I discovered through sermons and reading. It's a revelation! We'll set the scene by reminding ourselves of Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane on the night that Judas Iscariot betrayed our Lord for 30 pieces of silver. I'm taking this from both Mark and John's versions of the events that night. Both men saw things different and the same. Mark saw something that night that John did not. Or, John doesn't recount the same events but may have seen it also.

So, now, the "band of men and officers" (as it states in John 18:3) have come for Him. Here begins this beautiful revelation of who Jesus Christ is. If we had doubts, as the Jehovah's Witnesses do about the Trinity, this answers that question for me. Two things happen when the men confront Jesus. We'll begin with John's version wherein Jesus is confronted by the men and says, ..."Whom seek ye?" John 18:4. The band of men and officers reply, "Jesus of Nazareth..." John 18:5. I'm quoting from the King James Version because it's an early translation and hasn't been quite as changed as some of the later "easier to read" versions. So, Jesus says only two words in reply to men seeking Him. The King James version has added a word (in italics for easy reading) but remove that italicized word, add the events that take place after it, and you have yourself a revelation! Jesus says, " I AM." John 18:5 Remember, remove the added word "he." Here's what happens when He says, "I AM." In verse 6 it states, "As soon then as he had said unto them, I AM, they went backward, and fell to the ground." WOW!! Why did they fall? Because, God has just spoken His mighty name to them and with that comes great glory and power!! So much glory and power that it knocked them to the ground. That's the first thing that happened. Now, we'll go over to Mark to see what he saw.

We're again in the same scene. We're looking through Mark's eyes now. Notice what Mark sees in the middle of the chaos, in Mark 15:50, Mark says, "they all forsook Him and fled." But then, what's this? A man in a linen cloth appears in verse 51, "And there followed Him a certain young man, having a linen cloth cast about his naked body; and the young men laid hold on him:" vs. 52, "and he left the linen cloth and fled from them naked." First thing we have to know is that a linen cloth is another word for grave clothing. Back then, people were buried in their linen cloth. As we know by the story of Jesus' tomb being empty save for His linen cloth folded neatly. This is the second revelation of what happened when Jesus spoke His name, "I AM." A certain young man was raised from the dead. As I studied this, I saw there was no other explanation for the young man's appearance in grave clothing. And why did he run away naked? What would cause a man to run away while shedding the garments that represented his death? I welcome any and all thoughts on that. I've told all I know thus far.

Monday, March 19, 2012


Well, hm, it's my understanding of other people's interactions with Jehovah's Witnesses that I might have to look forward to Mr. Ben returning frequently. I hear tell that he might try to convert me. Shameful, if true. Why? Because that's like walking into a church and going up to a congregant and saying, "you don't want to worship here, come with me and become a member of our congregation." And using manipulation to lure that person away from their current church or faith, to theirs.

Here's 2 reasons why it will never happen. Number one, I'm not leaving the bonds of religion to join a group of people that love the Lord but operate in their flesh. As I told Ben when he came last time, "Jehovah's Witnesses seem to believe that it's by their might and not by His Spirit that you have to live." He was confused by that statement. I picked up on the vibe. I said in more plain terminology, "you and your colleague seemed to come here the first time in the spirit of doing and not in the spirit of love." I said this with gentle respect, of course. They had an agenda, for sure.

Here's something else I noticed. This was subtle when he said it, but it spoke volumes to me. I asked him if they had any luck making connections on the mountain (where I live) with the other residents. To which he replied, "no, not really. Yours was the best 'door' we had all day." Hm, I thought. He referred to me as "the best door." That says to me that they do indeed see people on their trail as things to be done. I can't really explain my view much better than that.

Here's the 2nd reason I wouldn't become a Jehovah's Witness. They don't believe in the Trinity. It's in their book. They're argument is quite weak really. And I quote:

"Matthew 28:19 is usually cited to prove the doctrine. The text from the King James Version quotes Jesus: 'Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.' True, the Father, the Son, and the holy ghost (or spirit) are all mentioned in this text. However, nothing is said about their being one."

Are you serious? There's a lot of things about the world that's not written in scripture. This is one thing that is. The quoted scripture, "...in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost...," (and we capitalize it, Mr. Jehovah's Witness) is self-explanatory as it clearly states, "...in the name..," and then it includes the 3 persons that are included in "...the name."

Well, that's all I'll say for now, but stay tuned. My next post is going to reveal something that few have paid any attention to or noticed. It has revealed a mighty nugget of blessed reality as to who our Jesus is. I have school tonight. Gotta go get ready so I'll leave off here.

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Guess who knocked on my door this afternoon....again? Yep, Jehovah's Witnesses. Only this time it was the same young man that came the first time. The one who was so serious and stoic. His name is Benjamin. Or, Ben Ben Ya (as I lovingly teased him due to his way of saying, "it's Ben, Ben, ya.") I was so happy to see him! He brought a lovely young lady with him. I wasn't surprised to see them but I was surprised to see them.

I was on the phone with my son when they knocked. I said, "Gage, let me call you back. I have a special guest." Gage said, "oh sure mom, you gotta go talk to someone else." I said, "I'll call you back as soon as they leave." He sighed as if it was frustrating for him because he had things yet to say. So, I said, "I'm going to go talk about Jesus." As soon as the words came out of my mouth he said with cheer, "OK!" and off I went.

They didn't stay long and to be honest, I don't know what brought them. We didn't talk about anything particular. We didn't focus on any one subject. I asked him why, during his prior visit, he had continued to want me to hear the schpeel. Yes, I used that word. He gave me a couple of confused blinks, a momentary stare as he searched up a response, and then said, "we just thought we'd share what we learned about the Bible." At that moment I was the one with the confused blinks and a momentary stare.

No matter what the reason, the young man felt compelled to return. That's encouraging to me on so many levels. For one thing, he knew I meant it when I invited him and his friend back. For another, the light and love that flowed out of me that day, drew him to me a second time. As I stated before, I don't know why they came today because nothing was accomplished as far as conversation goes. We didn't have much time. I wonder if they were simply here to do a follow up type of thing. What do you think? Wouldn't that be sad to know that the only reason for his return is because his religion dictates that if you make a positive contact, you go back and make a second contact to give the impression that Witnesses are devout and disciplined? Just a theory but not necessarily my belief.

He was definitely more relaxed. We came in and sat down this time. He even smiled a lot more. I guess the whys and whats of it don't really matter. God brought new people of the faith into my life and I welcomed them. If God needs me to do or say something, then so be it. If He's using them, then so be it. May we each be obedient and filled with love for one another. That's all I care to achieve in the situation. Obedience, light, and love. 

Thursday, March 15, 2012


I thought I would deviate from my usual topic of interest to something a tad funny. I enjoyed this thoroughly and I thought it might give you a wee giggle as well.

Remember the song, "The Hokey Pokey?" Let's sing it together just to refresh our minds:

Ya put yer left foot in
Ya put yer left foot out
Ya put yer left foot in
and ya shake it all about
ya do the Hokey Pokey
and ya turn yerself around
that's what it's all about!

Now, let's sing it in Shakespearean style:

O proud left foot, that ventures quick within
Then soon upon a backward journey lithe,
Anon, once more the gesture, then begin;
Command the pedestal to writhe.
Commence thou then the fervent Hokey-Poke
A mad gyration, hips in wanton swirl.
To spin! A wild release from heaven's yoke;
Blessed durvish! Surely canst go, girl.
The Hoke, the Poke--banish now thy doubt.
Verily, I say, 'tis what it's all about.

Here's hoping someone was needing a giggle at just about the time they read this!


Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Here's something I feel very strongly about, the leading of the Holy Spirit. I'm a firm believer that God leads His people, His children, through His Spirit, which is given to all men.

If I, as a not-anointed-to-preach-the-gospel simple woman, know that I'm led by the Holy Spirit, then how is it that Christian organizations don't?

By saying that I'm not anointed to preach the gospel, I'm referring to not being an ordained minister standing at a pulpit. We're each expected to share God's word, when led. We aren't to throw it around haphazardly just because some hairy-eyed preacher tells you to.

All of this being said, my issue today is with the envelope in my mailbox that said, "It's Telethon Time," on the front. I opened it to find CTN (Christian Television Network) had filled the envelope with reading materials about their good deeds, ("...let not the right hand know what the left is doing") and their far-reaching hand, as well as the nifty little envelope for sending back money. This kind of behavior on the part of Christians and Christian organizations is what turns the world off from having any part with us.

This is nonsense behavior. Here's why. If you're a Christian (a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ as being your personal savior as well as your Shepherd) then you know that you don't have to ask people to help you with anything because, "..our God knows what we need before we do, and He shall supply all our need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:19. PERIOD. Where in that verse does it say, "Remind your brothers and sisters that you're seeking money to keep your organization afloat." It doesn't, because it's not an approved method of getting what we need in life.

I will tell the entire world that if someone claims to be affiliated with the Christian faith, whether in business dealings or in personal matters, and asks you to give them money for anything at all, there's a problem there. I would tell the world they have every right to feel disgust at this behavior. I'm a believer and lover of Christ and it disgusts me.

If it's ok for someone calling themselves, "Christian Television Network," to beg money from strangers then I guess I need to start sending out letters telling everyone that I, "Kelline of Jesus," need money for car repairs so that I can continue living my life as I am. Or how about, I need a haircut this year and can I count on you for just a $5 donation? Sounds ridiculous doesn't it? Of course it does. The difference between me and them (IF I were to behave such a way) would be in the wording. They're saying to people, "it's not God we trust in for our needs to be met. It's the people around us and we trust that if we ask for money, we'll get what we need."

I once wrote a letter to a cable company that sent me bookoos of advertisements for their services. I was really starting to worry about the trees in the land with this influx of mailings. So, finally, I felt forced to write a letter to the company reminding them that if I needed or wanted their services, I'd seek them out. But barraging me with their ads, and flyers, was only serving to make them look the fool. Same thing applies here with these "telethons" and such. If God is leading His people (and the Bible says He does) then He'll lead people to these organizations BEFORE THEY KNOW THEY NEED IT. That's what the scriptures says, right? "Our God knows before we do what we need..."

If the Lord is the one who allowed these establishments to open and operate, wouldn't He also keep a close eye on them to the degree that when a need arises He has it covered? Some might disagree with me on this but I feel whole-heartily that this is unnecessary behavior and if you have to ask other people for money then you've put your faith in man and not in God to supply your needs. I'm a poor woman. My computer is the greatest asset I own. My dad got it for me for school. But when I need something, I ALWAYS look to God. I never ask the people in my life with money to loan me any. I never look to other people to supply my needs. I go to the Lord. Then, I wait. He will either deny or grant me my petition based on what's good for me. But not once in my lifetime, has He ever told me to send out letters begging for money and call it a telethon.

That's it and that's all. Philippians 4:19 says, "..for our God knows what we have need of before we do, and He shall supply all your need according to His riches in Glory by Christ Jesus." That's all that needs to be said. If you believe in the word of God as being God's word, then you believe that this is all you need to know and if a need arises, go to Him. He won't tell us to do something that's going to make other people cringe at our words. No matter what I say to myself to rationalize this behavior on their part, my spirit tells me it's wrong. It's not of God.

Friday, March 9, 2012


Guess who knocked on my door today? No, guess again. Close but try again. Yep, Jehovah's Witnesses.

I'm a gal that LOVES to have church with other believers in a non-traditional setting. On my porch in this case. Beautiful mountain view spread out before us and the babbling brook below us in the valley. They loved it!!

It was a young man well-groomed, handsome. Older married guy with allergies. They worked so hard to keep drawing me back to their schpeel, God bless them. No matter how many scriptures I quoted, or how many "amens", they still had it in their heads that I needed to hear the whole schpeel. They insisted on leaving their reading materials, which I accepted gracefully and willingly. 

I hopped around them like a little jumping bean, trying to elicit any laughter that I could. They were so serious and so stoic. I worried about them.

Finally, I decided to tell them what I was observing and ask them some questions. Like, "do you guys know that you don't look happy at all?" I mean, the one young guy looked miserable. Not a grin, not a giggle. Just straight-faced as he could be, speaking the name of our wonderful Lord the whole time. I finally decided to shake him up, literally. I walked right up to him and grabbed both arms, smiled big and shook him like a doll, saying, "smile!" and he did. I said, "why so serious?" He calmly explained that, "you're so bubbly that anything will pale in comparison to you." I thought. BOLOGNA! You need to know the Jesus you talk about and get FREE!!!

The older guy started out in his 3 piece suit, arms loaded with Watchtower materials, brow knitted in serious contemplation. By the time he was leaving, he was letting out little bursts of laughter and saying things like, "haha that's funny." It was like he picked up on what I was saying and agreed in his spirit that he's a fuddy duddy and needs to loosen up.

We talked for a long time, but I'm the one that ended up witnessing to them. I witnessed of the freedom of being in the Lord. No 3 piece suit needed. No books in hand. No door to door schpeels. Just be in Christ and enjoy the ride.

I feel like with all the burdens I'm under right now in my life, they were lifted by bringing some smiles to the faces of a couple of Jehovah's witnesses, who expected to find a sad and lost soul at the door. Well, surprise fellars!!! It's just me, a blood bought Christian full of the light of love given through the TRUE freedoms found in Christ Jesus of Nazareth, the Savior of the world.

They wanted to extend the church service meetings to me and extend the offer to come have Bible study with me. I extended the offer for them to return and talk with me anytime. I'm sure they don't get that often, but I made sure to repeat it several times and reiterate that "I mean it. Come back anytime and be my guest." I'm not sure they knew what to make of it, but it would be my pleasure to help these brothers get free. Religion was draped over them like chains. Sad but fixable. 'Thank you Lord that today you brought people into my life that needed to see your light and love. Thank you for letting me share it with them. It was my pleasure. :-)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I've often wondered why some people seem so afflicted, while others do not. Why some afflictions are so extreme while others are lesser than. Here's what we know, "be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion walks about seeking whom he may devour." DEVOUR!! Wow! That's a fired up word. Thinking about an enemy completely devouring you is a frightening thought.

How does he do it? How does the devil devour someone? Well, I don't know how anyone else sees it, but I see it in my own life, everyday. How he attacks every area trying to find a chink in my armor. The word "adversary" means one that contends with, opposes, or resists. This implies he pushes against us and grapples with us as in a wrestling match. So, we know that we're fighting against an opponent, and when we move forward he's pushing to move our steps backwards.

The word "devour" means to eat up greedily or ravenously. This implies that once he's bitten into us, he wastes no time utterly consuming us.

This leads back to my beginning paragraph as to why some are so afflicted while others seem unharmed. I'm sure you're thinking, "she's going to say, 'some have a greater faith.' " May be. But that would be giving us the glory, wouldn't it? It's more like, "His mercies endure forever." God's, of course. What stands between us and our adversary? What keeps him from accomplishing his goal to destroy, devour, and utterly consume us in affliction and trial. Our Lord's mercies.

I see, with my spiritual eyes, every soul afflicted on this side of eternity. Every soul. Not one person escapes affliction. This is our adversary seeking whom he may devour. So, what we need to realize is that every single person has an affliction or a trial they're facing everyday in some area and in some degree. The devil is at work at all times. He doesn't rest. He has much to accomplish. He has a point to prove. He thinks he's going to make the statement that he is above God and worthy of His throne. So, if he can achieve his goals, then wouldn't that make him a greater enemy than our God is an ally to us?

There's a spiritual war going on with every person. Some will yield and win and some will fight and die. By this, I mean some will give in to God's call and receive the precious gift of salvation but, some will fight or "kick against the pricks," and with this remains the sinful life wherein "the wages of sin is death."

Some of us are weaker than others and therefore the devil's afflictions have greater or lesser impact or effect. God is always standing by to relieve some of the affliction. Don't forget Job. Job wasn't just afflicted without God's knowledge. The devil challenged the Lord that Job would curse God if he was afflicted just enough. God said, "go for it, do your worst only don't kill him, and you will see my servant is loyal no matter what you do." (paraphrased). And he was afflicted, almost to the death. He lost everything including the simple compassion of his friends, who wanted to know what he had done wrong to deserve such wrath from God.

What's worthy to note about this is that God didn't allow the devil free reign. He allowed the devil a wee bit. It's in God's power to allow or not. So, we will suffer afflictions of varying degrees on this side of eternity, but God's mercies endure forever. Imagine that while you are indeed suffering in your trials and afflictions, there's a shield. This shield is keeping the fiery darts of the devil from raining on you without mercy. If God did not stand between us and our adversary, he would utterly consume us in grief, despair, affliction, trial, tribulation, or the shadows of death. The thing that governs who suffers what, is the strength each of us possess to battle with.

"To each is given a measure of faith." My measure might not be quite as much as yours and therefore, whatever you're going through might look substantial to me. Too much for me to bare. But what I'm going through could look the same to you. All the while, I'm enduring mine and you're enduring yours. All we need to know is that the trials are coming. They won't ever cease. All the money in the world can't buy us out of that. We need salvation. We need to be in Christ. We need to have our souls in the hands of Him with whom we have to do. Nothing else will protect us.

I've been on either side. It's truly hell on one side and heaven on the other. I've suffered immense darkness without my Savior. With Him, however, has been battle after battle won. Truly I am "more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus who strengthens me." We don't have to suffer, brothers and sisters. We don't have to lose every battle we face. God has greater plans for His children.

I love the thought of Jesus bruising the devil's head with His heel. All for us. All for love!!!

Saturday, March 3, 2012


What is the meaning of life? How many times have I heard that? I figured it out. It's love. The meaning of life is to pour yourself out with love until you're empty and then letting God fill you back up again. How many of us have found an incredible joy that comes with giving of ourselves? That joy that far surpasses getting the new shoes or even the new car. Ya, that's great, new shoes are AWESOME, but the joy only lasts as far as it takes to get them from the store to my house. My floor is scattered with shoes that I saw and said, "I gotta have them." I've been known to go back home from a shopping trip and go back out to town just to get those shoes. And then, there they lay like a big pile of leather and dust. The joy doesn't last and it's certainly meaningless for the brief time that it exists.

But love, now that's a different story altogether. My landlord came up to dig up some seedlings from my yard the other day and even though she's a complete..uh um (clears her throat)..thorn in my side, pain in my "bekind," bur under my saddle, I still get immense joy from helping her carry her tools and helping her do her little deeds. She locked her keys in the trunk and I had to get them out for her. What a complete joy it was to help her. When she left, I was left with that residual joy and love. It's a joy that's with me now as I think back on it. However, if I were to get up and walk into my room and gaze upon those many shoes that I just had to have, I'd feel nothing except the need to arrange them neatly so I don't trip over them.

The meaning of life is love. This is what we're here for. To do whatever it takes to be there for others and show them whatever love they need. To comfort, hug, praise, or encourage. Whatever someone needs. And it can't be done with resentment. If you begrudge the deed you're doing then it's a blemished sacrifice unto the Lord.

I love giving of myself. I also know the difference (through my powers of discernment) between someone who truly needs me and someone seeking to get what they can from a kind person. In that case, I have enough love not play into their game, thereby enabling them. I have enough love not to help them fail at another opportunity to do right for themselves.

I don't let people disgrace or dishonor the love God has placed in my heart. I don't wield it like an ungainly sword, thrashing about hoping to hit anything in my path with a God smack. No, I discern the spirits in men/women. I be attainable, accessible. I'm an "if you need me, I'm here" kind of gal. And I mean it. I don't tell my family or friends to reach out to me so I can say, "let me call you later." I'm the one who turns the t.v. set off and gets somewhere quiet so I can pay close attention. The idea is to make someone know they're loved and what they're saying matters more than my own life or schedule. There's always someone that will try to abuse that goodness and use you as a dumping ground. For those folks, I give them time to rectify their selfishness and if they don't, I move on to people who truly seek love and kindness in a time of need and then appreciate you for being there.

The meaning of life is love. To love and not necessarily seek to be loved. To give without getting. To show the unlovable that they are loved by at least one person. It's a matter of being like unto the Lord and allowing Him free reign. It's a matter of opening the heart to others and understanding that the world doesn't evolve around me. If we couldn't love, we'd have no life and no meaning.