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Friday, July 20, 2012


I feel like I was rowing on an angry sea in a tiny dinghy and could see the shore and just as I made it past the strongest currents and dangerous reef, a giant wave hits and pushes me back out to sea.

This may seem trivial to some, but I must tell the tale because it's my trial and there has to be resolve at the end of this. I told  Annemarie Pipa that I agreed with her that chronicling such trials in our lives is a good thing. To me, it's a way of showing how the Lord brings us out. 

Every trial I face has an ending. Every time I've cried out to the Lord, He's rescued me. I can very much whine about the way I'll be having to find resolve in this particular issue, but it's one of those times where you know you have to take it for what it is and deal with it the best you can, with God's guidance and help. What I want for myself and what He has planned are often two different things. I might be surprised at how this actually pans out, but for right now, I'm scared and worried.

Here's the problem in a nutshell, my rent went up. I can't afford another dollar to go out of my budget. I can't afford to move nor afford to pay her more money.

Without giving too much detail and information, let's just say two things need to happen for me. One, I need to know the right time to talk to her about this and the courage to do so. Two, I'll need her heart to soften towards me as I offer her half of what she's asking as an increase. Her compassion, mercy, and understanding will need to be the thing I rely on the most. Meaning, Lord please speak to her heart on the day I go to discuss this with her and tell me when that moment is. May I go in courage and peace. Please pray for me.


  1. Hi Kelline,
    I have prayed for the Lord to either soften the heart of your landlady or open up a way if He wants to move you to another place. I know in my own life sometimes, things have been sometimes made difficult for a change to be brought about. God bless you and bring you total peace in this situation. Remember, being in the Lord enables us to be in the eye of the hurricane.

    1. Hi Brenda and thank you for encouraging me because every word counts. I'm often in the eye of the hurricane but just like every other storm that every came, it will pass. I never want to face these storms even though they have meaning and purpose through the work of the Lord. I would rather have a perfect life but if He gave me my request, I'd be the weakest form of woman there is. No trials making me stronger, no storms to come through in order to give Him praise. So with that, I take a deep breath and move deeper into the storm knowing there's a clearing on the other side where peace will reign once more.

  2. I hope everything turned out good for you. Sometimes when i begin to worry about things i think maybe I'm not being a good christian or maybe my faith isn't where I want it to be. I like your post because you shared something that worried you a lot, which shows me I'm not alone other christians worry too. God has brought me through some storms too, and I know as long as I live I may come across some occasionally. I don't like them i get really afraid. I have even prayed to God to take it easy on me because I know how I get when the water gets rough, I start panicking like the disciples on the boat with Jesus. More often I think of what it would be like having a perfect life too, but your right, I would be really weak, and really would end up being useless for whatever God has in store. I truly believe these trials come to make us strong God is preparing us for something and he wan'ts us to be ready, like Paul said soldiers go through training. I guess this is all training.

    Oh, I like your page by the way, it's very nice, I have little fish on mine too. May God continue to bless you and bring you through every storm, stronger than ever. :-)

    1. Hi Sateigdra,

      I absolutely LOVE your unique beautiful name. I practiced saying it a few times. It's just fabulous!!

      I'm thrilled to have you visit "Love for All" and leave such an encouraging word because I see that like myself, there are others out there that struggle while trusting in the Lord to bring them through! Would we be the women we are without him, Sateigdra? I'll bet we wouldn't. I'd be an awful sniffling mess without Him. Right now, He's giving me the peace that surpasses understanding about this event. This too shall pass. My last few posts chronicled the last big event He brought me through so I have no reason to think He won't bring me through this as well.

      You made a good point when you said, "may be my faith isn't where I want it to be." I wonder about that as well for myself, because I've always been the kind of believer that tells others that worry is like saying to God, "you can't handle this Lord, so let me worry about it." I always pull back on myself when I get to worrying. I tell myself to just be calm and let Him work. He's never failed me and only ever helped me. But I sure wish He'd do it in a less troublesome way some times. LOL.

      Hey, thanks for coming by, sis. I'll come and see your page if you have one. God bless you and hope to see you around. :))


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