We all have a choice to believe in something, I choose to believe in God!

Monday, August 20, 2012


Isn't God amazing even in the little blessings He bestows? You know the ones, the little blessings that our heart whispers to Him that we don't realize how much we want until He bestows them.

I've been blogging for a year now and all this time I've been leaving comments on blogs that I never felt satisfied with. I never could express myself completely the way Kelline expresses herself. And how is that? Simple...using bold and italics. I want to emphasize the words that strike me and so therefore I want them to strike the reader. I want to bold what's powerful and emphasize what's important in order to bring out everything that can be brought out of a comment. I figured out how to use my HTML tags today and I'm beyond thrilled. Isn't that the silliest thing you've ever heard?

All this time I've been disappointed by this one lacking item of my writing. In my posts, I can bold and italicize all day. But in my comments, I couldn't. Well...I could but didn't know it. I've always wondered what that HTML tag <b> <i> <a> at the bottom of the comment box meant. I finally decided to Google it today. SHAZAM!! Such a tiny frivolity, but means so much to one such as me.

How does God factor into this? Because, He knows me. He knows that it's a part of my OCD personality to add as much perfection to my writing as is possible. He knows that I'll delete an entire page of text if it's not readable to me or perfect in every way that I can make it to be. I know....'Kelline....you're mistaken if you think you're a perfect grammarian and writer.' I know...I agree. I mean as close to perfect as I can get to my own personal satisfaction. There's always something missing when I can't bold or italicize my text. I must be able to complete myself when I'm communicating with others. That's just how I feel. I don't want to talk to you guys half way. I don't want you to try to figure out what I mean or why I put a punctuation mark where it doesn't go, which throws the entire meaning off. Notice this? Notice this. Notice this! Notice this! Notice THIS? See what I mean? It all depends on how you write it and punctuate it as to how the reader perceives it. God knows that about me.

It's always God that I return to in times like this. I never glorify myself (in my heart) and say, "I did so good." I always want Him to know that I couldn't have figured it out without the wisdom, ability, effort, and/or all other things He's added to me to allow it. I could be in a wheelchair staring out a window all day thought to be empty-headed. He's blessed me! Thank you Lord!

Now, if you don't know how to use your HTML tags...it's just this simple.

HTML tag 101:

In order to bold your text, enclose the word or phrase with: 

 <strong> [text goes here]  </strong>  

Don't forget your forward slash and make sure there is no space between the inward arrow left and the inward arrow right. Otherwise you'll get a red banner over the comment box that says "your HTML code was not accepted."

In order to italicize your text, enclose your word or phrase with:

<em> [text goes here] </em>

Again, making sure there is no space between the inward-pointing arrows and the word(s) to be italicized.

There's also ways to use these tags in a bullet list and numbered but I'm working with these only for now. Y'all feel free to practice your codes here in the comment boxes. If I see a whole bunch of kooky phrases, I'll know my bloggy friends have been practicing their HTML tags. It's all fun and experience so practice practice practice ladies (and gent).