We all have a choice to believe in something, I choose to believe in God!

Sunday, February 26, 2012


God is not a religion. He's not a well done deed. He's not a well put together outfit. He's not a candle lit every time all the time. He's not a mantra. He's not an act performed for the world to see. He's not a promise to pray. He's not a well-wishing. He's not a handshake. He's not a hymn. He's not a hymn leader. He's not a building with elaborate ornamental design. He's not a building fund. He's not a 10% tithe. He's not a weekly story. He's not a book. He's not a one time gift. He's not a church Rolodex. He's not repeated verses.

God is love. He's a tear for the lost. He's a cry for peace. He's a love print left on the heart. He's a gesture made in desire. He's a word of encouragement. He's a mother's love. He's a hand reaching out. He's an embrace. He's a patient ear. He's a concerned friend. He's a journey to visit. He's a compliment. He's a kept promise. He's a sacrifice. He's an act of love.