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Monday, May 21, 2012


My good Christian friend Russ Martin stopped by and left an important comment on one of my posts today. So important in fact, that I feel the need to clarify something I said as well as come into agreement with Russ.

My comment was that, "the church is a liar." And Russ reminded me different. The clarification I feel that is warranted is that, he is right. It's not the church that is the liar. It's that percentage of religious people that twist the scriptures into their own doctrine and drive people out of the church and away from the Kingdom. That's the lie. Russ also said that there's more good than bad to be found in the church. I agree with him. This is why I want to reiterate that I'm not telling people through this blog that they shouldn't go to church or trust in the Lord to bring them there and see to them while they attend.

What I should be sure to clarify is that there is great worth and value in attending a good church. One that allows the moving of the Holy Spirit and teaches good sound doctrine. If you attend a church and you feel cold and unmoved, then perhaps that is not such a good church. If the teaching is centered around tithes and much doing instead of trust in the Lord and loving of thy neighbor, then perhaps that is not a good church either.

In gist, I want to thank my brother in Christ, Russ, for holding me accountable for my words and bringing good truth to my blog and the world. He's a wise man and I appreciate him very much.

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