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Saturday, May 26, 2012


I'm posting tonight about my newest revelations and discoveries within my walk with Christ. For one thing, I'm discovering that the Kingdom of God has for itself many people who love God so much and want to help others find their way to Him. Unfortunately, the way they're going about it can be likened to bashing someone over the head with a club that has the words, "Here's why you should believe in God and follow the rules" carved into it. 

I don't have to remind Christians that this kind of zealous behavior drives people away from the Kingdom of God. It is not drawing them. They're drawn by the spiritual light. Like the proverbial moth to the flame, and not by our words. Remember, as well, that if you don't have the anointing of the Holy Spirit (which means you're speaking from a place of Biblical fact only) then as the Apostle Paul said, "if I have not the Holy Spirit, I am become as a tinkling cymbal and a sounding brass." It took me years to understand that verse. But I had to receive my anointing to understand it. People don't hear the words of man. They hear the words of the Lord said through the Holy Spirit's power to draw them. Coming from any other place/person, it's only a racket, noise, irritating sound, meaningless conversation.

I've met some wonderful people in my new Google+ venture. Most are proper and kind. Lot's of personalities and cultures combined make for interesting conversation. The atheists stand apart from the Christians but not in an extreme way so as to be very obvious. I'm not sure if this is bad or good at this point. I'd have to analyze that for a minute. For now, I'll focus on my role in the Kingdom and in that forum.

My role is to represent the Kingdom of God with love and compassion. I have chosen to do that by  declaring my faith on my profile first. Second, I let my speech be peppered with the things of God. Third, I show compassion, understanding, warmth, and love with everyone, unless and until they become a Troll !  In that case, I don't necessarily show them anything other than my backside on my way out the door. But that's after they've been shown love, compassion, understanding, warmth, and love. But the point in my post tonight is to say what I don't do and why.

I don't go from post to post and zero in on people who post things that aren't "Christian-like" and then bash them over the head with scripture. I don't judge them and tell them why they are in danger of hell fire and damnation. I don't zero in on atheists and start quoting scriptures to scare them into their senses. I don't argue the Bible with anyone no matter what they do to prod me into an argument. I try to respect every view and religion whether I agree or not. Why? Because that's love. Love doesn't judge or condemn.

The most controversial thing I've done in a long time was to delete and block an individual from adding his comments to my posts because he was doing all the things I don't believe we are called to do. My Israeli friend Jacob, has an affinity for Russian music videos. They can be far more risque than American videos. I felt this need to defend Jacob when the man told Jacob he needed to repent and get right with God. Jacob is a very generous and kind person and simply apologized for offending the man. But the man just sent forth a barrage of scriptures and ended up making Jacob anxious that he was about to be retaliated against, flagged, banned, and persecuted by this individual. This is a man representing God. If that's what people feel around me, then I'd rather not represent. So, I apologized to my barely English speaking friend and removed the individual from my circles.

I thought about my gesture and discussed it with God, of course. Did I over-react? Did I do the right thing? Why didn't I feel like he did towards Jacob? Why didn't I join forces with the man and bring persecution, judgment, and condemnation down on my friend and call it "right with God?" Because every ounce of my spirit was telling me that there's a difference between love and religion. Do I agree with Jacob's preferences for music videos? No. But I also don't have to view them. Do I deny Jacob compassion, love, understanding, warmth, sincerity, and/or friendship based on his choices? No. I simply accept him for who he is and let God do the judging.

In gist, the reason I'm not quoting scripture (compulsively and with every other sentence) is because it doesn't represent the Kingdom. Love does. The reason why I'm not "walking" up to every atheist I can find and starting a dialog with them about salvation is because, it doesn't work. What does work is waiting for those that are "drawn by the Holy Spirit" to come and ask questions and then address them with as much patience and truth as I can. Then, let them "walk" away from the conversation and make their choices. My newest revelation is that I belong where I am, not for religious purposes, but to show the kind of love that Christ Himself showed those who came up to Him on the streets. My example to follow. Praise God!


  1. Wow looks like you are really getting into this whole google circle thing. Just remember while you can't pick your family you can and do pick your friends. Online or otherwise. No apology needed. Not everything done in the Lords name is done in the Lords name (Spirit).

    1. Hi Russ, and you said that right. I'm encountering some interesting motives and thoughts. I was once like the zealot, however. Quoting scripture at every turn, passing out reading materials on God, etc. I lost my best friend to it. She could no longer remain in our friendship because every conversation turned to her accepting Jesus and my compulsive need to turn every mistake she made back to how Christ could cleanse her from it. I loved the Lord so much that I forgot to love her. It's a very valuable, albeit difficult, lesson to have learned. But God has healed that wound and taught me how to love without condemnation, and to share His love in the same way. I'm simply amazed at how harsh religion can be. The words of judgement, condemnation, and borderline hate for anyone homosexual, is shocking. As if God hates them and not the sin. I really believe we are losing sight of our love in favor of what we think we should "do" based on the Bible. But that's another post entirely. God bless and thanks for coming by Russ.


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