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Friday, May 18, 2012


My walk with Christ is such a beautiful and mysterious thing. I'm not feeling melancholy at the moment however, I'm feeling that sense of knowing. Just that the things I've done in this last year to improve my walk, are paying off.

When someone has spent years and years attending church faithfully, there's a fear there when you wake up on that first Sunday morning and say, "no more, I'm not going." You immediately have that fear that we are each admonished to work our own salvation out with. I worried that a bolt of lightening was going to descend from the sky and fry me. Now, where would I have gotten that from?

I'm utilizing the social aspect of computing and meeting new people daily. Although they aren't sitting next to me in a church pew, I'm reaching greater distances and achieving deeper levels of fulfillment in Christ in this way. The church successfully convinced me that I would have no ministry if I was not connected to the congregation and the building. Not true. I still speak His name to all who will listen. I still hear His voice commanding me. I still feel His presence and I'm still forming Christian bonds. I do not mean to insult anyone when I say this, but the church is a liar.

No wonder Jesus never said, "go to church, your faith has made you whole." No wonder so much of the scriptures (new Testament) are about Jesus fighting the Scribes and the Pharisees. If that's not enough to convince you that He warns against religion, then what more do you need? I'm not writing this to pull people out. I'm writing this to warn you while you're in there. Don't follow. Lead. Don't listen only, but comprehend. Know what Jesus says for yourself. Pay closer attention to His actions while on earth. He was a deity, sent by God the Father to perform the most significant act of sacrifice a man can perform. There is no way to emulate that. We cannot achieve such a high standard or place in this world. We shouldn't be working towards that.

I want everyone that reads this to know that a TRUE relationship with Christ is not about the works you do. You will gain no ground by going to church. You won't become more righteous through much attendance. All you are doing is having yourself a social gathering before the man speaks. 

 The Bible says, "how can anyone know the gospel accept they hear it." What if we remove all rules and belief started by someone long ago with big dreams of heading up their own church congregation, and we simply take that scripture for what it means. I read it, then share that with another. Now, if the Holy Spirit has come into my heart, then when I share it, it has power. Not to mention that the one I'm sharing it with has been drawn by the same Spirit that is working through me. 

I just want people to stop fearing the lack of church attendance. It's not helping so many. My own landlord never misses a service. She is so dishonest, so rude, so uncaring about her renters. Church does nothing for her. I've known her for 8 years now, and still cannot bond with her. Lack of the Holy Spirit. She lives by her own righteousness.

I've said it before in my posts and I'll repeat it here, "What shall we say then that Abraham our father has found as pertaining to the flesh? If Abraham were justified by works then he has something to feel glory for? BUT NOT BEFORE GOD. For, what does the scriptures say? Abraham believed God and therefore it was counted to him for righteousness....but to him that works not, but believes on Him that justifies the ungodly, this faith is counted for righteousness." Romans 4:1-5 (paraphrased.)

It's a faith thing, not a works thing.


  1. St Francis said something like, "Preach the gospel constantly, use words only if necessary."

    1. Hi Annmarie,

      Man has a way with words. So much so that he can twist them to become the meaning of anything he chooses. This is a bigger danger to the welfare of our world than anything else. Thank you for stopping by.

  2. I am with you all the way, when it comes to works. But I cannot agree with your stance on the church. Church is not just a social occasion and it is not a lie. It is an opportunity to Worship the Lord and sing him praises and so much more. While I do agree that bad things can and do happen in church. You will find more good than naught.

    1. Indeed you will find more good than not. I'm so grateful for your honest comment, Russ. It's so nice to have friends that defend the church as well as to speak with a boldness in their passions about it. Perhaps I should be more clear when I write. I didn't mean the entire church and all doctrine and everything it stands for. I meant the entities that are twisting scripture and using it for all the wrong reasons and purposes. This is my writing flaw. At the end of this post, you'll see I was on my way of out of the living. I was so tired. I rarely post when I'm so exhausted. No reason to offend, however. I hope you aren't. I see so much in the church that is disturbing. As I meet new people in the Circles social site and read the comments on the posts pertaining to the church and God, it's clear to see that the general consensus is that everything the church is supposed to do, be, and stand for is beginning to fail the people. They feel this resentment for some reason. I speak about my God everywhere I can. Think me not of the world. I am not a worldly woman. I maintain my virtue and I live for God. I just haven't found the right church yet. I hope in one thing though for you Russ. That you know how important it is to worship and praise Him in truth and spirit. "For God is a spirit and He must be worshiped in spirit." I'm proud to hear of the great church you belong to. Indeed you're blessed to be accepted and embraced. May be I should move to Ohio. lol. Thanks again for your honest comment. It's good that I should think. Only a fool avoids wisdom.

  3. Hi Kelline,
    Just read your post. I felt I could identify with you in several areas, especially where you say about the church that you went to said you would have no ministry if you were not connected to the congregation or the building. Several years ago my friend and I felt that the Lord was telling us to go to do prison visiting. One of the scriptures He kept giving us was about an open door, from the book of Revelations. We went to the pastor of the church we were attending, who incidently were at that time were thinking of doing prison visiting, to ask if we could be part of the visiting team. He said 'no'. We continued to feel that the Lord was telling us to do it so we went to Cardiff intending to visit the prison there to ask if we could. While in Cardiff we went into the market to use the ladies' toilets there. I put the required coin in the door. As I did a lady said 'That door won't open, I just tried it'. The door opened for me. When I came out, a lady put her coin in the door and it would not open. I knew it was a sign accompanying God's word to us. We went to the prison, the chaplain wasn't there so we left a not saying who we were and what we wanted to do, leaving samples of poetry and songs which we felt the Lord had brought us to write to evangelize with, together with scripture. The chaplain rang me within a few days, called us in and invited us to visit each week, even letting us take a guitar in with us. He said 'You are not exactly stained glass windows, that is why I want you to come. We had an absolutely wonderful time while we were there, meeting some lovely people who the Lord was bringing to Himself. The Lord showed me a long time ago that 'persecution will come from within your own household' and sometimes that will mean our spiritual household. I have been to many churches, as the Lord leads me, I attend one now, and most are not allowing the Holy Spirit to lead. That is why we do not experiece the full blessing of the Lord because sometimes people want to have servants, whereas they should want to serve. Don't let this discourage you, always seek the Lord and be where He wants you to be, doing what He wants you to do.
    God bless

    1. Dear sister Brenda,

      I SO apologize for not answering your comment wayyy earlier. Somehow it didn't get forwarded to my email. As you may know, it's very difficult to check every post for random comments.

      As to the wonderful story of how God spoke to you and used these subtle signs (that only you would understand) I do not doubt that one bit (smiles big). He has used many a tactics to communicate with me as well. Including His tactics to get the point across when I am wrong.

      I am so very grateful for your visit here. I'm also very grateful for your words of encouragement. I see clearly that you've experienced the same thing I'm experiencing now. You said it best about the church's failure to allow the Holy Spirit in when you said, "...sometimes people want to have servants, whereas they should want to serve." And with that being said, I would encourage you, dear sister, in knowing that I am indeed where I should be. I am ministering in a different way but a way that has a great value and impact. People need the Lord everywhere.

      You know, I maintain that without actually knowing Jesus and allowing His Spirit to dwell and thrive within our hearts, we are nothing but "a tinkling cymbal and a sounding brass." God has walked along side me every step and through every fault and failure. He's always drawn me back onto the righteous path and back into His loving arms. I liken my life to that of a wayward toddler with his/her daddy walking next to him/her. Sometimes they'll wonder off in a direction that could lead to harm. The daddy is always quick to reach out and grab him/her and pull them to safety. That's my God!!

      You keep moving forward in whatever ministry God has for you. You are like me in that you didn't let one hardened heart stop you for hearing the Lord. Shame on those who would tell a good sister she "can't join in their ministry." I'm sure he didn't just outright tell you "no." I'm sure he had all kinds of reasons that he thought were legitimate reasons to push you out. But, as we know, if it's the Lord's it will stand and if it's not, it will fall.

      God bless you and again, forgive me for not replying sooner. I never miss a chance to interact with a visitor and to comment back with great appreciation for the time you took to visit.

      I hope to hear back from you soon. God bless you!


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