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Friday, March 9, 2012


Guess who knocked on my door today? No, guess again. Close but try again. Yep, Jehovah's Witnesses.

I'm a gal that LOVES to have church with other believers in a non-traditional setting. On my porch in this case. Beautiful mountain view spread out before us and the babbling brook below us in the valley. They loved it!!

It was a young man well-groomed, handsome. Older married guy with allergies. They worked so hard to keep drawing me back to their schpeel, God bless them. No matter how many scriptures I quoted, or how many "amens", they still had it in their heads that I needed to hear the whole schpeel. They insisted on leaving their reading materials, which I accepted gracefully and willingly. 

I hopped around them like a little jumping bean, trying to elicit any laughter that I could. They were so serious and so stoic. I worried about them.

Finally, I decided to tell them what I was observing and ask them some questions. Like, "do you guys know that you don't look happy at all?" I mean, the one young guy looked miserable. Not a grin, not a giggle. Just straight-faced as he could be, speaking the name of our wonderful Lord the whole time. I finally decided to shake him up, literally. I walked right up to him and grabbed both arms, smiled big and shook him like a doll, saying, "smile!" and he did. I said, "why so serious?" He calmly explained that, "you're so bubbly that anything will pale in comparison to you." I thought. BOLOGNA! You need to know the Jesus you talk about and get FREE!!!

The older guy started out in his 3 piece suit, arms loaded with Watchtower materials, brow knitted in serious contemplation. By the time he was leaving, he was letting out little bursts of laughter and saying things like, "haha that's funny." It was like he picked up on what I was saying and agreed in his spirit that he's a fuddy duddy and needs to loosen up.

We talked for a long time, but I'm the one that ended up witnessing to them. I witnessed of the freedom of being in the Lord. No 3 piece suit needed. No books in hand. No door to door schpeels. Just be in Christ and enjoy the ride.

I feel like with all the burdens I'm under right now in my life, they were lifted by bringing some smiles to the faces of a couple of Jehovah's witnesses, who expected to find a sad and lost soul at the door. Well, surprise fellars!!! It's just me, a blood bought Christian full of the light of love given through the TRUE freedoms found in Christ Jesus of Nazareth, the Savior of the world.

They wanted to extend the church service meetings to me and extend the offer to come have Bible study with me. I extended the offer for them to return and talk with me anytime. I'm sure they don't get that often, but I made sure to repeat it several times and reiterate that "I mean it. Come back anytime and be my guest." I'm not sure they knew what to make of it, but it would be my pleasure to help these brothers get free. Religion was draped over them like chains. Sad but fixable. 'Thank you Lord that today you brought people into my life that needed to see your light and love. Thank you for letting me share it with them. It was my pleasure. :-)


  1. Oh happy day happy day! My mother does the same thing...well of couse it wouldn't be in Kelline fashion :) but she witnesses to them and invites them back.
    This is great, although I wish I could have chats with you on your porch. On the mountain side with a brook. Sounds so peaceful and delightful.
    My hope is to one day live in the mountains of colorado.
    However with spring approaching everything here is going to be quite beautiful just the same!

  2. Happy day, indeed! God has a way of bringing needy souls across our path. I had to remind them in the middle of their schpeel that we were having church right there. "Where 2 or 3 are gathered together in my name, I am in the midst," said Jesus. And grab you a lawn chair and come on up sis. We'll have tea!! :-)

  3. :) I just realized, and sung in my head, that your title for this post reminds me of Beauty and the Beast. :)

  4. OH YA!!! Be my guest be my guest put our service to the test...lalalalalalala...we're like little girls, lol

  5. i love this story..it's worth sharing and worth publishing! Bless your heart!

  6. If you love this story, then it was worth sharing my friend!


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