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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Here's something I feel very strongly about, the leading of the Holy Spirit. I'm a firm believer that God leads His people, His children, through His Spirit, which is given to all men.

If I, as a not-anointed-to-preach-the-gospel simple woman, know that I'm led by the Holy Spirit, then how is it that Christian organizations don't?

By saying that I'm not anointed to preach the gospel, I'm referring to not being an ordained minister standing at a pulpit. We're each expected to share God's word, when led. We aren't to throw it around haphazardly just because some hairy-eyed preacher tells you to.

All of this being said, my issue today is with the envelope in my mailbox that said, "It's Telethon Time," on the front. I opened it to find CTN (Christian Television Network) had filled the envelope with reading materials about their good deeds, ("...let not the right hand know what the left is doing") and their far-reaching hand, as well as the nifty little envelope for sending back money. This kind of behavior on the part of Christians and Christian organizations is what turns the world off from having any part with us.

This is nonsense behavior. Here's why. If you're a Christian (a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ as being your personal savior as well as your Shepherd) then you know that you don't have to ask people to help you with anything because, "..our God knows what we need before we do, and He shall supply all our need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:19. PERIOD. Where in that verse does it say, "Remind your brothers and sisters that you're seeking money to keep your organization afloat." It doesn't, because it's not an approved method of getting what we need in life.

I will tell the entire world that if someone claims to be affiliated with the Christian faith, whether in business dealings or in personal matters, and asks you to give them money for anything at all, there's a problem there. I would tell the world they have every right to feel disgust at this behavior. I'm a believer and lover of Christ and it disgusts me.

If it's ok for someone calling themselves, "Christian Television Network," to beg money from strangers then I guess I need to start sending out letters telling everyone that I, "Kelline of Jesus," need money for car repairs so that I can continue living my life as I am. Or how about, I need a haircut this year and can I count on you for just a $5 donation? Sounds ridiculous doesn't it? Of course it does. The difference between me and them (IF I were to behave such a way) would be in the wording. They're saying to people, "it's not God we trust in for our needs to be met. It's the people around us and we trust that if we ask for money, we'll get what we need."

I once wrote a letter to a cable company that sent me bookoos of advertisements for their services. I was really starting to worry about the trees in the land with this influx of mailings. So, finally, I felt forced to write a letter to the company reminding them that if I needed or wanted their services, I'd seek them out. But barraging me with their ads, and flyers, was only serving to make them look the fool. Same thing applies here with these "telethons" and such. If God is leading His people (and the Bible says He does) then He'll lead people to these organizations BEFORE THEY KNOW THEY NEED IT. That's what the scriptures says, right? "Our God knows before we do what we need..."

If the Lord is the one who allowed these establishments to open and operate, wouldn't He also keep a close eye on them to the degree that when a need arises He has it covered? Some might disagree with me on this but I feel whole-heartily that this is unnecessary behavior and if you have to ask other people for money then you've put your faith in man and not in God to supply your needs. I'm a poor woman. My computer is the greatest asset I own. My dad got it for me for school. But when I need something, I ALWAYS look to God. I never ask the people in my life with money to loan me any. I never look to other people to supply my needs. I go to the Lord. Then, I wait. He will either deny or grant me my petition based on what's good for me. But not once in my lifetime, has He ever told me to send out letters begging for money and call it a telethon.

That's it and that's all. Philippians 4:19 says, "..for our God knows what we have need of before we do, and He shall supply all your need according to His riches in Glory by Christ Jesus." That's all that needs to be said. If you believe in the word of God as being God's word, then you believe that this is all you need to know and if a need arises, go to Him. He won't tell us to do something that's going to make other people cringe at our words. No matter what I say to myself to rationalize this behavior on their part, my spirit tells me it's wrong. It's not of God.


  1. Hell will be a hot place for many in the TV "name it and claim it ministries." You have a good blog here. I signed on.
    I write and maintain a blog which I have entitled “accordingtothebook” and I’d like to invite you to follow it.

  2. Welcome, my brother! I'm well-pleased to know you enjoyed receiving the love I share with every member of my blog. I look forward to your future insights and above all, sharing the love of our Savior with another member of my family.

  3. I am a firm believer of this, God always does provides, we only have to let go of our doubts and simply trust God. Lift up to god all our worries and woes, our burdens and heartaches, as well as our desires, dreams and hopes, and God never fails. We may have to wait at times or receive what we asked immediately, it may not be how we wanted it to be, but we need to know that what's coming is the best for us.

  4. Amen, Carlo! It's odd that you should say the words, "let go of our doubts and simply trust God," because I was just faced with that reality minutes ago. And while I was facing the trial, I had a revelation that I need to thank Him for what He's doing and not ask IF He's doing.

  5. told you sweet sister, i feel you...


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