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Monday, March 9, 2015


When someone says the words, "battling depression," that's exactly what they mean. It's a battle. I've been battling this thing for years although there was a brief lull during a time period where I thought I was cured. Nobody gets cured from depression. Depression is forever (or until heaven).

I started out with the extreme mood swings and that grew to rages. I got on medication and my moods are regulated. I take Wellbutrin and it seems to be the right medication, although I still struggle to get out of bed in the morning. 

I write this to ask if there's anyone else out there struggling with depression who would like to share their story with me. I wonder how many people in my internet circle of friends has this problem?


  1. Oh, dear.

    I thought, I were late to the game, but it looks like I'm the first one :(
    My battle on depression does not look like getting angry, but lonely and apathetic. I just want to be alone or at least my environment to be quiet. Socially engaged people around me (foremost my wife) can't understand that :(

    You're not alone! After all, depression is what attracted me most on the bible (read Ecclesiastes). It spoke to me directly. … "vexation of spirit" …

    To keep myself busy I'm rushing into work. I know, it is unhealthy. Or in reading (currently "Little brother", so somewhat geeky lecture, but currently important).

    On Twitter there is the hashtag: #NotJustSad https://twitter.com/hashtag/notjustsad so German people talk about it. I could not find some English news about it (except Aljazeera …). Maybe you can dig something out.

    Just today I stumbled upon http://www.zephoria.org/thoughts/archives/2015/02/20/speak-beautiful.html which may be worth reading to. It's about the influence of speech on others.

    Hang in there!

    1. Hi Andre, it's so great to see you and thanks for the links.

      I see that you do struggle with some of the same things I struggle or have in the past struggled with. Depression is hard on our loved ones, they just want us to be happy but our brains refuse to go along with that.

      I've started a new medication since writing this, Effexor, and it works best for me. I just want to sleep all the time but my suicidal tendencies have finally subsided.

      I hope to hear that you're doing well my friend. Keep in touch and yes, I'll hang in there and you do the same. Let's finish our race!

    2. Of course I will hang in there.
      Why should I give up the race?
      I am not willing to give the enemy a walk-over me ;-)

      Keeping in touch is a harder task, though. I am worried, that you had suicidal tendencies. It's over now, which is a good thing.
      But somehow, I again and again get to know people with this trait. Thank God, they think over their work, before they commit it. Because of me ô.O

      On the other hand, I feel overburden with it. I didn't studied psychology, so maybe you can teach me a trick or two, how those people tick. Do they have … um, I think it's called "spiritual counselling" in U.S.? I'm sure, you have some adresses for me :)

      Recently I attended a service (Gospel Forum in Stuttgart/Germany) which Todd White (http://lifestylechristianity.com/) as speaker. Maybe you've heard of him? He has an … interesting background, but I didn't get it, why he had to shout at some points … However, I keep an eye on him. Maybe there's something to learn from …

    3. Amen to not giving up and running he race!

      Yes, keeping in touch is hard but you've managed this far. I trust you'll be in contact if you can. I hope all is well in your life as a dad and as a groom.

      I recently attended a Jehovah's Witness meeting. It was good and encouraging, not at all what I had expected.

      I feel like if God has led you to anyone who teaches or preaches the gospel, there's something to be gained.


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