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Saturday, August 18, 2012


"....but I don't understand, why does God allow this to happen?" How many times have I asked that question? I've asked it enough that today I think He answered it, at least in part.

We've probably all heard about the flooding in the Philippines and the loss of life. But have you heard of the triumphs and successes? Have you seen the pictures of the streets literally flooded with both water and people on their way to try to do what they can? How about the pictures of people helping others? That's the meaning of it all. 

There are probably many hidden reasons, but there are reasons that can be seen clearly and without special spiritual guidance. It's simple. I can sit in this house all day and do nothing and it's going to add nothing back to my life. But let me hear a car wreck outside and suddenly, I'm rushing around grabbing water, blankets, phone, etc. (an experience I have had). Suddenly, what was a moment of silence and nothingness wherein I'm all alone doing nothing, becomes me and every other neighbor rushing to the aid of the car wreck victims. Suddenly, everyone is working together to aid in any way possible. It's the unity that comes from the tragedy! And it's a miracle to behold.

This post doesn't have to be a long one to point out the obvious. When a tragedy strikes, we pull together and become one mind, one back, one muscle, one heart, one intention, one love! During that time of what we call 'tragedy,' we are all more alive than ever. If you've ever been in a situation like the one I experienced with the car wreck victims, you know what I mean by coming alive and uniting with others as one. Suddenly, you forget yourself and all things that apply to you. You forget what you're wearing, how your hair looks (ladies)....everything. You forget such frivolities because, in the grand scheme of things, it's not important. I truly believe that tragedy is God's way of providing us with unity for our own betterment because otherwise, we may not exercise it often enough for ourselves. I realize there are those who would be shocked or angry to hear me say, "tragedy is a kind of gift from God" (which we'd see for sure it is if we see the blessings that come from it). I for one have never felt more worthwhile and important than when I've had a part in helping someone to help another. It's that unity that overcomes the tragedy and senselessness of it all.

In short, I say that we consider this the next time we see a mighty tragedy happening in the world that seems senseless and has caused too great a loss of life and remember that in the unity is the greatest form of love [agape]. Why? Because, we rush to someone else's aid, regardless of danger to ourselves, regardless of what we look like, or anything having to do with appearance, we just rush to help others to help. Remember that it's likely a stranger being helped and how many people go around loving a stranger, per se?  Agape is the kind of love that has no bounds and has no conditions. It's just there when it's needed and does what it has to do to give of itself.

Unity during tragedy + show of agape = the overcoming spirit!

I wrote this with my eyes crossing at 1:30 a.m. Please consider that if it's misspelled or kooky sounding. I had a revelation while on another blog and had to blog before it melted.


  1. That's right Kelline,
    and tradgedy can be on anybody's doorstep. It is on the streets of a city which appears to be affluent. There are people walking in their fancy clothes that don't know about the other side of life, but we can never go by appearance. I have seen wealthy businessmen in London stop and give bags of food to down and out alcoholics sat in the street. I also know homeless people who are so kind in looking after one another. Many people might look at alcoholics and say 'self inflicted', but what does that mean. I knew one man in the last town I lived who cried many times when I was speaking to him. He could not live with the fact that he had killed someone when he was in the army. That might be nothing to many soldiers, to this man it was total guilt. This is where God is able to step in. Everyone has a story no matter what their appearance, only God knows what is in the heart. We can only do what we are able to do. I was only thinking just now how everything has its time and purpose. That man's life was a 'tradgedy', blessings came from Him coming to know that he was forgiven. Sometimes the help needed is financial, sometimes spiritual, sometimes physical. This world is a testing place for all.

    1. Those are some great stories about how tragedy has effected someone else and how others are able to pull together for the show of love. One person can make a difference, but it's something really special when we all unite for one cause and one other. Thanks for coming by Brenda!

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  3. What an inspiring post Kelline. You are very gifted with sharing what is on your heart. True, when tradegy strikes we do pull together. Even with 911. Not just our country pulled together (for a little while, then we went back to our brokenness evil ways), but the world.

    I am initially posting this through my IE browser. So, it might not have stuck and went to your spam folder. So, I will refesh my broswers once I put this post in. If I do not see it, then I will notify you and post again through my other account.

    NOPE. Did not take with my IE browser. So you may want to look into your spam folder to delete that one.

    Have a great Saturday my dear. Blessings.

    1. Thanks for enjoying the read, JBR. I hope that my writing can be thought of as a gift somehow. 9/11 is by far the greatest example of our ability to unite, albeit for many and not just one, we were still living up to our name at that time, hallelujah!!

      Your comment came through just fine in the comment section here. I wonder if you'd have more luck using Chrome and/or Firefox. I use Chrome mostly and it's awesome with my Windows 7 OS. I also use Firefox but it's a tad bit slower, but I like the way the colors are presented. Both are great browsers with some good security measures but IE is just seems so out of date and slow (not to mention everything looks so fat and fuzzy hahaha) that I use it to download other browsers. Okay, there's my computer advice for the day. Not an expert hahaha :)

      Thanks for coming by and commenting. I'm glad to see you! :)

    2. Also JBR, you had two comments the same. One in the spam folder and one here, I published the one from the spam folder only to see it matched this one so I deleted one. Just so you know why it says it's been deleted!! Blessings for the day!

  4. Have a blessed Sonday Kelline.

    "Sent through Chrome Browser"

    1. LOL...hahahahah look who has themselves a new browser!! Please DO let me know how it works for you. Here's a little something for you to know as well, see the wrench icon on the top right of your screen? Click that and from the menu choose "about Chrome" and it will update the browser. I click it almost every day because they work on it a lot. It will either show you that it's up do date or it will do the little turning ring thing and tell you it's updating. Enjoy and

      Happy Sunday(◕‿~)

    2. Kelline, you are a wealth of vital information, thank you. Blessings.

  5. Again another wonderful post. I love love, love is wonderful and teamwork. I know this sounds cliche and it's a line from a song we all know, but what the world needs now is Love, it's the only thing that there's just to little of. During tragedies our minds start racing we usually lose sense of self in a sense I guess, just like you said, we don't care about how we look and thing's like that, everyone's just pitching in any way they can.

    One day a few months back there was a fire over at my neighbors house, at least I thought it was the house until I stepped over the fence (the fence was broken so i could step right over) and saw it was a car on fire, the guy next door was welding something on the car i guess and it caught on fire. Immediately I just ran and got my hose and buckets and tried to help, before it spread to the trees and ultimately the nearby houses. By the time the fire fighters got there the guy pretty much had the fire contained.

    It's funny how you mention that you wrote this after 1:30 am, it's almost that now and I'm replying to it, lol. The other night i was up until about 3am writing a post because I was on facebook and saw something that made want to share a little on it. I was so sleepy but I know myself, if i fell asleep i would have forgotten all about what I was going to write, things just came pouring in. So I've had those moments where I had to strike while the iron is hot or before it melted like you say lol. Great Post, good thing you didn't let it melt away :-)

    1. Hi Sateigdra,

      I declare, your enthusiasm when you comment on my posts is so encouraging! One can never know if their message is touching another or making sense or giving another reason to think. You really help me know that writing these things when the Lord hands them to me is the right thing and to keep going as He inspires.

      You had a "unity" moment I see. The only difference being that you responded as a unit yourself. But you had the same reaction...just respond for your fellow man. It's so awesome to love others that much, isn't it? It's true what the Beatles song you mentioned says, "all we need is love."

      Here's an even stranger one for you...I was typing up an email at 1:30 a.m. this morning as you were commenting here and mentioning it was 1:30 a.m. and I saw your comment come in. I even thought, 'Hm, I wonder what time it is where she's at?' And I thought may be it's 3 p.m. or something there but no, you're a night owl too I see! Cool! God has already given me another post but I know this can wait.

      Isn't He busy with us blogger sisters? We're all such busy blogging bees. I envision what we must look like from a heavenly view buzzing around from each other's blogs commenting and sharing His love and message with one another and it just makes me so happy!!!

      Thanks for coming by Sateigdra.


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