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Sunday, December 9, 2012


Now I'm just mad!!! I'm not even going to start this post with anything except my feelings. I'm sick and tired of people who don't believe in God making it their life's mission to destroy the faith and hope that those of us who do believe have. It's their very mission to tell a believer how ignorant and wrong they are! Based on what? Their own belief. Now how's that for a fine how-do-ya-do? So let's see...how's it work? Oh ya, they open their Buddha book, their Pagan ritual books, their ScienceNow magazine and read from that to tell us how the book we're reading from is wrong but theirs is all about the truth. "Man made this and man made that" they say, "man made religion you fool," they say. And I would argue that "man made your magazine and your Buddha god that sits there without the ability to help itself!"

See, I'm a Christian...I believe there's a God who made me in a fearfully wonderful way. But since the man-made notion of evolution was created by man, they say that that makes my faith man-made and therefore, all wrong. How astounding is it that they can't see their own contradictions? And I would ask any Atheist,..."tell us all about your life-after-death experience. Tell us Atheist..oh mighty knower of all things, tell us all about the God you never saw when you never died and never saw what's to come." 99.99% have never had a near death experience and have nothing to base their beliefs on. You know all those stories documented of people who have died and came back to tell us what they saw? Guess what they all saw? Heaven..God. You're probably not going to find one Atheist's life-after-death account where the Atheist died, saw hell, and came back to live the same exact way. When you find one, send me the link to his/her story please. I would dare say, I might be waiting awhile for that information. See, life after death is God and He's GOING to make sure we see Him there so we can live to tell others the truth and give the world hope. 

I'm also astonished at how many will say such rude things to Christians they've never met before and have no knowledge of what that Christian's life's experiences have been but have enough imagined knowledge to tear that Christian's faith and hope down to the ground. For what?! Pleasure? Do they feel they're saving the world from that pesky notion of hope and faith? They've never lived our lives and have never experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit but they have friends that believe like they do so that must make them right and us wrong. 

Their general lack of respect for me as a believer is outrageous! They cling to their beliefs while sitting back on their high and mighty laurels telling me how wrong I am for having mine! I'm more than allowed to cling stubbornly to whatever I want to cling to in order to get through this crappy life.  

I have been touched by God Himself...like most Christians. I was baptized in His Spirit and felt His presence and can attest with 100% certainty that there's a force on this side of eternity that isn't from this world. A force that can punch a hole into our time and bathe us in it's presence. Can your Buddha do that? Can your life's partner do that? Can your loving devoted parents do that? Can the birth of a child or a big stash of money do that? NOPE. That's because man-made items can't do anything but temporarily satisfy a physiological, emotional, or physical need and then once it's satisfied another need will replace it. That doesn't sustain anyone. But with God, there's a constant presence of peace that sustains us. How do we explain that? We really can't. We can try but we really can't explain it to people with closed minds and blackened hearts. They don't want to know the truth and therefore nothing we tell them will resemble truth to them. Those with eyes to see will see. Those seeking will find.

Look, all I'm saying to the world is that we're all in this thing together. I don't intend on strangling you with God so don't try to pull Him out of me and stomp Him to death with your unbelief. If you die having never believed in God and find that He was real all along, you're the one that has to face that eternity. But if you believed on this side and die to find He never existed, what did it hurt for you to believe throughout your life? It hurt nothing and no one. It was a blessing to the world through the love you shared, the gifts you gave, the general spirit of benevolence that knowing God inspires you to show. How is any of that wrong or bad to the degree that if you don't accept it, it's your mission to kill it as dead as you can? Just let people love other people and call it the Spirit of Christ. Let them!!!! Stop working to kill good. You don't have to agree, just accept that some of us believe in this and we like it this way. Go about your business and let us go about our business of loving people like you. Would you rather the world be void of love and sincerity? Void of the things that give us the strength to overcome? That's what you're doing when you work to destroy it. You're working for the wrong people. People that hate, are angry, and strive to destroy the spiritual things inside another human heart. It's pointless to do that! I compare the Atheist agenda to a destructive storm. It moves in and wipes all that was built off the place it was built upon (for the weak-minded who are vulnerable to false doctrine and hate). It sows doubt and misery in it's place...and weeds begin to grow which choke out the message of hope. How does that sound like a right and good thing to spread to the rest of society? I don't know about anyone else, but I ask you to keep your agenda away from me, because what you do is hurt people and destroy hope for no other reason except so that you can walk away and pat yourself on the back for convincing an innocent to hate like you do. May God forgive your soul!


  1. It's the devil at work in these peoples hearts. He's convinced them that there's no God and as my mother would say, "he has a ring through their nose and is leading them." Leading them to bring destruction in the hearts and minds of others. Although what irks me even more falls in line with a previous post of yours. It's when people use the name of God to condemn and cruelly bring hateful judgement on others.
    As long as we are in this world, there will be countless wrongs by lost souls.
    Lost souls being controlled by satan.

    1. You're always so wise! I love your insight because it's always spot on correct. Of course, if an Atheist were to visit and read this comment they'd have to insult me for agreeing with you and then insult you for your insight. That's the only problem I have with them. Why in the world do they feel that need? It's like Peter Pan, why would I go from place to place and person to person telling them that Peter Pan isn't real if I know he's not real? That's when I know that God has already written Himself on the Atheist heart as well and they're simply rebellious.

  2. With due respect, Kelline, but you're unfair.
    Look, I was an agnostic back then. Not so far going as an atheist, but something similar. I claim to speak for some scientists now.

    People try to find the truth.
    What instruments scientists have?
    Correct. Experiments. And empiricism. And comparison. And logic. And archaeological excavation.
    So scients compare religions with other ones to find commonalties. They assume, that these commanalties are hints for the truth.
    Noah's flood narrative is one of these commonalties. You find something similar in the Quran (see Wikipedia).

    Look, natural scientists research the nature to find rules. They prove, wether they're usable to predict (and under what circumstances). Once proved, one can reverse the time to investigate, what happened in the past. So, yeah, something like the Big Bang theory (!) could had happened. But the rules are valid since a split second after the assumed "Big Bang", so even here's space for God for those, who want to believe in him.

    I hear people call the bible names for several things. Such as claiming that the world was created within six days. Or, that Adam and Eve were the first humans on earth. Or that the earth exists since about six thousand years.
    Well, I can understand both points of views. I also see the weak points in each argumentation.

    So let's agree to share the following point of view:
    "Prove all things; hold fast that which is good." (1st Thessalonian 5,21) and
    "For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse." (Romans 1,20 KJV)

    Oh, and please don't rush all atheists' fences. That don't make you better than the people you accuse.

    1. Are you sure you read that post completely, and with thoughtfulness? Your comment doesn't seem to match the intent of the post in the least. It seems you have the idea that this is a judgement on my part whereas it's me pleading with the Atheist NOT to destroy hope and insult those with a hope in Christ at every turn. The words at the beginning are my righteous indignation, something I'm allowed to possess when it comes to my faith.

      Listen Andre, we were all Atheists at one time until we chose to believe. We're not all going to agree on this earth but we as Christians are meant to stand with one another and work towards the common goal of love. Since your comment seems completely disconnected from the meaning of the post, I can't really speak to it. What I wrote the post for and the points you're making are not connecting. Perhaps you're just mentioning some information and not intending to connect the two.

      I love everyone but I have the boldness God gave the lion and I don't have to sit around as a meek little mouse feeling nothing and expressing nothing. You've misunderstood the post to be a judgement. It's not! It's me venting my frustration at being insulted for having a faith. You also didn't ask first consider, "what happened that pushed you over this edge?" Something did indeed happen and this is my outward expression of my pain and frustration, albeit mostly for those Christians who will be driven from their faith by Atheists desperate to destroy their hope because they think they're saving the world from us...you and me and our fellow Christians, Andre.

      Again, you've taken your comment to a place that makes valid and reasonable points but it's not connecting to the post. Perhaps a language barrier, I can't say for sure. American connotation might be at play thereby making the tone or ambiance hard to understand. Just know this, you've misunderstood the post to be about judging, when it's about pleading. Take it as a whole and not as a part. As always, I appreciate your comments, they're always powerful.

    2. Of course, I read the whole post!
      But due to slang/idioms it was harder to understand this time ... I noticed, that someone affront you.
      But, look, emotions are a ... difficult topic to argue about. I tried to break down it to a more objective issue ... ideology.

      Are you sure, Atheist/Agnostic are aware, that they destroy your faith? Oh, and I don't think, we were all atheists. An Atheist is a person, who says "I believe, God don't exists" whereas an Agnostic is someone, who says "I don't know, wether there is a God." It makes a difference to me.

      Hm, I think, it wasn't only a language barrier, but also a mindset one. Germans use to be dull and blunt in terms of religion as far as I can report. The tendation is going to Laïcité (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/La%C3%AFcit%C3%A9) here. Religion becomes a private issue ...
      We have another view on "freedom of speech" here also ...

      Long story short: I haven't been attacked for my faith yet.

    3. Oh goodness, you've NEVER been attacked for your faith? Then that would explain a lot. When you do get attacked, after it happens over and over and over, then you see it happening to younger or newer Christians who aren't strong enough to fight, that's when you get mad. Well, that's when I got mad. I usually get pushed to a point and then I spell out a rant, like this one. It's my way of venting it and expressing my hurt. If you notice, however, there are lulls where I soften and realize my place is with Christ. I'm still human however and I make no excuses for that.

  3. Kelline I couldn't have said it better. You know what's so strange though, before I even read this I was replying to your comment on my page and I was sharing about my experience I had last week when I was called a moron on youtube because I agreed with something a Christian said. It's amazing how we are called stupid, and gullible, and fools, and oh this one is infamous, (they say we're hateful and spreading hate) when in reality they're the ones that are.

    Everything you said about them in this post I could see one of them saying the exact same thing in reverse, because that's how they are, very hateful and contentious. But when I come across them I remember God said we are to overcome evil with goodness and not be overcome with evil. The thing's they say, man oh man I just know it's from the devil because it's only him who would try to make one of us so angry at them so we can sin against God. Awesome post Kelline as usual I enjoyed reading this.

    1. Thank you for complimenting the post Sateigdra. It's odd because like you the thing that sparked this "rant" is a comment on YouTube...actually many comments on YouTube. Atheists who seem to have internal issues with faith or religion or the church in general and they allow that to grow into a monster and the rest of the world has to bear that burden for them while they go from post to post, video to video, etc., spreading a message of "Christians are believers in magic" and that we're "evil that tries to command authority over the world." All I want is for them to stop preying on young Christians or weak Christians and let us have the same right to our faith that they have to their unbelief. I go a little further and ask them to allow us to love them.

  4. 1 Corinthians 4:13 "when slandered, we entreat. We have become, and are still, like the scum of the world, the refuse of all things."
    John 15:18 “If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you."

    1. Guess what? That's the one verse that I always think of when I think of how people hate me for being a Christian. The Lord reminds me always of that fact. Awesome!


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