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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


This is rather prophetic, don't you think? Click the link, and you'll see the photograph but below that is the article and then below that is some video of the ocean turning red. It's actually an influx of algae. In Biblical times, descriptions of a prophecy were often given in terms that were metaphoric as the one prophesying was meant to simply give the message, not explain with scientific detail of what the process is that occurs to cause the images they convey. Saying, "...and the seas will turn to blood" doesn't necessarily mean that their structure is that of human blood or otherwise, but simply that the images the prophesier sees are of water in the form of blood or what appears to be such. Isaiah once prophesied of the bird with the steel breast plate, which I believe were jets of our time. I have final exams and am in quite the rush, forgive any mistakes in detail or facts I've written down. I'm sure one of my commenters will correct me. He usually does, LOL.

Anyway, without further adieu, here's the link:

Australian beach 


  1. I'm not sure. But that is gory! A sea of "blood"
    Although I do find the writer of this article very interesting. After talking about end time prophecy they mention how, today of course no one believes in that "stuff" anymore.

    1. Ya, that just shows how much he knows, LOL.

  2. I agree with Monica, it's gory. I noticed how the in the pic it looks more like blood than in the video which shows the water looking more murky.
    "The ancient human belief in signs and wonders faded away long ago as scientific knowledge brushed superstition aside." Thinking like this is going to cause a lot to get caught off guard. Science also has tried to explain creation, did that mean God still isn't responsible for it.

    Interesting post, we gotta keep watching out, prophecy is being fulfilled a lot. I know for sure these are the last day's I just know it, I can feel it.

    1. Me too. Every where around us are signs! I just found this article/picture/video to be interesting. It just made the news two days ago and I immediately grabbed it up to run by everyone. You're right about the image being much better than the video. Of course they're going to use the most sensationalistic picture they can come up with. I'm a little leery that it was doctored a bit as the rest of them seem more like a really dark watermelon color and less like the bright fire engine red of blood. Anywho, I thought it might bring up some interesting thoughts.


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