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Saturday, September 1, 2012


I am a mother and a grandmother. Psalm 127:3 "Children are a gift of the Lord, they are His reward." With that in mind, I am living under the assumption that the Lord deemed me worthy to have my children and my grandsons. All mothers are equipped with instincts. Those instincts allow a mother to understand her child's cries, his comforts and discomforts. They allow a mother to know when her child is healthy or not. Instincts allow us to know when we need to take our child to the doctor and when it's nothing serious. But what about the times our instincts just tell us things could be a little off, but when taking the child for a check up on the issue, the response is to admit the child to the hospital for four days just for blood work and a few tests. Something is wrong when a doctor does that, and all to determine a perceived legitimate explanation for the child being 14 lbs at 9 months instead of 20 lbs? That's what I've just been through with my son and his wife and my grandson Liam. He's a healthy, happy, highly active, growing, eating playing child and yet since he is skinny and not chubby there's all this hoopla.

Liam eats good and has no aversion to food. He will eat as long as you put it in front of him. In one day's time, he will eat 3 jars of veggies, 3 jars of fruit, 5-6 bottles of milk, a whole mashed up "big people" banana (and eats with complete gusto). Then when my son comes to pick him up bearing burgers and fries for mamaw, Liam will eat half of my french fries and only has two teeth to do it with. He is happy and healthy and certainly not sick to the justification of a 4 day hospital stay.

Everything in me is screaming "bilk job." I'm a prayer warrior and it doesn't take the Lord long to answer some questions for the sake of peace of mind or guidance. He revealed so much to me during these last few days that even my own instincts didn't pick up on. The hospital stay was already over by the time all questions were answered but that was for a good reason. Oddly enough, I just happened to need this Thursday off from babysitting. Liam just happened to be admitted to the hospital on that day. The situation was a ridiculous malpractice incident (in my opinion) but it worked "to the good for those who love the Lord," amen? The next question was, what in the world is going on for them to justify admitting a healthy child just because he could use 4 extra pounds, and besides, who says so? Who says that a child is supposed to be 20 lbs and if not, there are dire consequences or danger of any kind? That's ridiculous! You should admit a child that is throwing up, has diarrhea, can't hold it's little head up, isn't growing, is crying constantly, unable to be soothed....outward manifestations of sickness. There was none of that with Liam before they admitted him.

What is my point in all of this? Greed! Simple greed. It's as if the Lord stood next to me as a man with an inside position in that doctor's circles, and a mind reader to boot, to the degree ob being able to tell me what's going on. It's greed that prompts a doctor to admit a healthy child to the hospital, and greed that justifies keeping him there for 4 days. Insurance money is easy to obtain. All they have to do is poke the child with a needle, take blood pressure, apply a band-aid, provide a room and around the clock nurses and they've made 1,000s of dollars for it. 

They released Liam today and had no answers for the parents, my son and his wife. All they know is that if they run a feeding tube into him and start pumping food directly into him in the form of whatever substance it is, he will put weight on. Of course he will! If you pump sustenance into a human body around the clock, and the patient never gets a chance to burn off the calories faster than you're putting them in, of course it's going to add weight. The question is, what difference does that make and how is that supposed to be sustained after the tube is removed? It's nonsense and the doctor seems to have needed a legitimate reason for the four day stay. So, he devises a scenario that looks like follow-up care but I see that he's just continuing to bilk their insurance company and I'm disgusted. This post is about greed in our country, and how even those who vow to care from their hearts for another, actually appear to be in it for the easy money.

There should never be a scenario playing out wherein the person in the middle is a child. This is despicable, deplorable, unacceptable and I'm frustrated not to be able to have some control over this situation and this doctor's ethics. I feel he should be investigated for insurance fraud. He has opened Liam's little body and put a tube in him just to feed him around the clock and add a few pounds. And for no other reason except to say, "now he's fatter." It adds nothing to his health as he's healthy already. It adds nothing to his energy level for growth purposes as he's as active and busy as a little bee. One has to follow him nonstop to keep him from pulling a plant over, falling down after standing up by pulling himself up. It's a nonstop effort to thwart him from hurting himself because he's that happily active and busying himself with exploration of his world. He exhibits all the good signs of a happy growing, healthy active, well child. I have my own issues here at home to deal with but if I could, I'd take on that doctor and face off against him in court for this. Liam is coming to visit today, straight out of the hospital. That's how well he is. He's been in there for 4 days and yet he's so happy and active that they want to bring over so they can have some time off. If he was hospital-admitting sick, they'd have to take him home and get him into some after care.

The moral of the story is, beware of greedy doctors that find every little door into your insurance company's pocket. Beware of nonsense tests and invasive measures that aren't healing in any way but pose a real danger to your child. His body is now open. Any bacteria can get in. It could pose more problems than it's worth. This doctor clearly saw dollar signs in these two young insured parents. She is 20 and he is 23. There's no doubt in my mind that they've been bilked at the expense of their son. 

I will ask for your prayers that Liam suffers no long-term sickness, doesn't take in a bacteria and become infected through the pict line in his body, and that the Lord will judge this doctor as He sees fit. 


  1. Hi Kelline,
    I would say that the medical proffession is the biggest and greediest business in this world, and I thank the Lord that I haven't been to a doctor for years. There seems to be a 'syndrome' for everything these days, and human beings seem to be on medication from the time they are born. You hardly find a person who is not on some sort of medication, and many people treat doctors like Gods. I came to live next door to a lady at one time whom the doctor had told seven years previous that she had six months to live. She told me that she had got onto her knees and prayed to God and there she was seven years later relating the story to me. That lady went on to live 22 years after a doctor had told her she had six months to live. The main problem is the fear that words from a doctor can put into someone's mind. We must always remember that the Lord has the final word in our lives. I agree with you in prayer Kelline that Liam remains perfectly healthy and in the Lord's protection from any sickness or infection, he is a gift from the Lord and no weapon formed against him will prosper. Praise our lovely Lord. Amen

    1. Hi Brenda,

      Awesome prayer!! I come into agreement with your faith and your spoken words!!

      I agree with every word you said in that comment as well. We do tend to put doctors on a pedestal and forget that they are under subjection of the Lord as well. We forget that they are our employees and they are not here to perform psychological evaluations or critique one's weight, but to find legitimate reasons for a medical condition and then to find that cure, if possible. There's no sickness in this baby and therefore, no need for a cure. Besides, as I told my son, since when do we admit healthy children to the hospital for four long days? How is that exhibiting the moral code that a doctor should have in order to realize what's good for the child? What's good for him is a higher calorie/fatty diet fed to him at homeand may be a few more snacks a day. What's not good for him is everyone judging his appearance and then putting him through such rigor more-aux as this. He has a pict line, for crying out loud! That's a temporary fix and another obvious method for bilking. Why? Because he went through the night with it and indeed gained an entire pound in one night from having intravenous feeding. There's no reason to keep that line in him. The determination has been made that he can gain weight. I'm appalled, just appalled! But, this will play out and all will be well. Thank you for prayer, Brenda.

  2. I will pray for him. It's like there is no limit to what people would do for money, it really sickens me, greed! That a person would use a little baby, a innocent child and his young parents to take advantage of, really sucks. How long does the tube have to be in him?

    1. Thank you for prayers, that's power over this world and it's greed! So far those prayers are coming from me, you, Brenda, and Monica (all members of this blog) that have prayed for him but not because he's sick, but because he could get sick having a tube in him. And we don't know how long the tube stays (or even the purpose really), I suppose until this greedy doctor decides it's getting dangerous for him to keep lying to the insurance company about Liam's health. I can't believe he's getting away with it. Unfortunately in the U.S. grandparents have no rights so I can't stand on behalf of my grandchildren and take this fool to court for insurance fraud. My son would have to do it and he's not willing. But truly, I don't even feel strongly about that because I feel it goes against my Christian beliefs and the concept of forgiveness. Instead of putting energy into hurting him back or making him pay, I should be putting energy into loving him regardless (the doctor) and hoping that he sees the err of his ways soon. Thank you again Sateigdra. I hope you guys all know how good it feels to have women of God unite as one to believe in God for His righteousness and will to be done. I love every one of y'all!!!

  3. That's write pray for that Dr. to see that what he is doing is wrong until he realizes what he's doing is wrong he's going to keep doing so. Even though I'm sure he has some clue, pray God opens his eyes. As humans many times we may want to repay evil with evil but as Christians our weapons (prayer) are ones for breaking down strongholds, don't worry God will work things out.


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