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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


How many of you remember this man? Bill Nye "The Science Guy" from PBS. Most Americans grew up with Bill Nye. He's taught us how to mix vinegar and baking soda to create a home made volcano. He's taught us that microwave ovens don't actually cook from the inside out, nor are they radioactive on the outside. He's been teaching me and my children about science since I was a little girl. I never thought I'd hear him telling parents that "if you want to live in some imaginary world believing in God that's fine, but don't do it to your kids." That's not a direct quote, but listen to the video and you'll hear the exact words he says, which aren't too far off.

Why am I so shocked by his statement? I guess because he is so obviously working for "his father the devil and his bidding he will do." It's the only spiritual explanation I have for an intelligent man like him to be telling us [Christians] that our beliefs, where our children are concerned, should not be taught. Disregarding the most vital part of being a Christian parent,  our belief that it's godly and wise to "raise a child up in the way that he/she should go, and when they grow up, they shall not depart from it." I'm so sad that this reasonable and logical man doesn't have enough reason or logic to realize that out of 7 billion people on this planet, we're not all going to believe the same things or raise our children with another one person's beliefs. I'm sad that he has chosen to share in the intolerance that atheists teach towards Bible-believing, God-fearing people. He's one of the many people now, in my mind, that is an enemy of God. "For if they are not for us, they are against us."

You know what? It's not even about that as much as it's about mutual respect. We know by the scriptures that not all men come to Jesus. Not all men are drawn by the Spirit which is a clear prerequisite. "No man comes to the Father, except he be drawn by the Spirit." So that means, whom the Father does not draw by His spirit will have different beliefs than us. Where is Mr. Nye's mutual respect for them?  

I wonder where Mr. Nye's ability to realize the depth of the soul is? His belief is that when we die, we just die. Evolution teaches death, whereas Creationism teaches life. We know that we are more than a grease spot waiting to happen. We know that life begins after we die. We know that the spirit and the soul go on. 

The reason I'm questioning this one particular person is because of his great platform for teaching, and because of the millions of children he reaches every year. How one person can tell so many from this platform that we shouldn't teach our precious little ones that their life has a plan and a purpose according to their Maker, Lord, Savior, God, King, Rabbi, and Creator is just mind-boggling to me. I know the Lord has explained people like this in His word, wise in their own conceits and sure of their own wisdom which is merely foolishness, but I'm still saddened by his lack of understanding. Even more so by his unwillingness to consider that he could be wrong.

He says something in the video that I found laughable, as a Christian, (besides the entire idea of evolution) and that is the comment he makes about "without believing in evolution life here just gets so complicated," [paraphrased]. As he said it, I just chuckled to myself and said, 'May be for you, but for me it's all very clear and not complicated at all.' 

Well children, thus it twas that our Bill Nye the Science Guy is actually a fool in disguise, confounded by his own vain conceits and belief in only the things seen. "Faith is the substance of things unseen" and so we shall cling to the promises of our Lord while finding our way through the valley of the shadow of death to stand on the mountain with the God we steadfastly know to be real, alive, and existent! The Alpha and the Omega who was and is and is to come, HALLELUJUAH!!!


  1. Hi Kelline,
    If a person looks for answers to questions by relying upon their own carnal knowledge, they will forever be searchin and that is where complication sets, not in Christianity. They will have missed the simplicity in Christ. Unless we become as a child we shall in no way enter the Kingdom of God. Everything starts to make complete sense once we have gone through the door of the sheepfold and are being taught by the Holy Spirit. Creation itself causes one who is having their minds renewed in Christ to say 'It is a fool who says there is no God'.

    1. I really am more shocked by his statement to the parents not to teach God to their children than I am anything. I'm truly in shock for his disregard of the diversity of life. As if he is right because he sees the tangible, which I understand because I have respect for all beliefs. I just choose mine and believe in it. But that's where I will limit my beliefs and if I find a scientist I'm not going to tell him that's fine but don't teach that to your kids. That's where I'm really hung up. Thanks Brenda! Hope it's going well on your end.

  2. The intellectual is always a hard sell. Their convictions of non-belief are just as strong as our belief. I grew up learning from him to but his non-belief while disappointing is not surprising. As for me I am just the opposite I see science and the wonders it uncovers as proof of God rather than that God does not exist.

    1. Hi Russ,

      Like I wrote and also told the other commenter in this section, I'm more hung up on his disregard for diversity. I liken his words to me telling him that it's fine if he doesn't believe in God but since that's his personal belief, don't teach it to his children. All the more reason for us to stand as Christians. We have to finish our race. Thanks for the comment Russ. Hoping all is well.

  3. That's right Kelline,
    we can only be responsible for what we believe and share, God is the judge of the unbeliever.

  4. Kelline I like this post for various reasons. First off I also grew up watching Bill Nye and I loved his show, so informative, I also made the little volcano thing he did an episode about. Bill kind of reminds of that guy on the food network that talks about food from a scientific perspective which is fun and interesting, leaves you thinking wow that's so cool I never knew that. I wanna say I'm disappointed in hearing about Bills narrow-minded ignorant perspective, but when I think of his profession, being a scientist and all, his stance doesn't surprise me one bit.

    Most scientist share the same views as Bill. It's amazing how people hate what they can't understand, like how you paraphrased him talking about thing's outside of evolution are complicated. He's simply a fool, there's no doubt in my mind because of the wisdom from my God, that we're much wiser than these scientist who've been to college and can tell us how a television and a microwave works. Bill like many other scientist are the epitome of what is mentioned in scripture about a person who is always learning but never comes to the knowledge of the truth. Most athiest think we're crazy for believing the Bible and they think we shouldn't be spreading our craziness, like Bill is basically saying here our truth is toxic for kids. It's all hypocritical that's what I think. He thinks evolution is right, yet we're wrong. As a scientist he has come across much evidence of Gods existence. Bill is suppressing the truth and want us to do the same. He needs prayers.

    1. Hi Sateigdra,

      I agree that most or all scientists stand on the principles of knowledge that Bill Nye stands on. I'm okay with that because of the verse that I repeat often in discussions of this sort that, "no man comes to Father except he be drawn by the Spirit." Hence, it's to be respected that we live among those who will never know God or experience Him in this lifetime because they won't be coming except they be drawn.

      As I mentioned to the other commenters and in the post, it's not really that they're lost (it's a given with some we know) but that he's telling the diverse life on this planet that his belief is the only right one and disrespects ours. I take issue with that alone. I won't tell people that scientists should be thought of as lesser forms. He seems to be telling the world that we are lesser forms. He struggles in his talk not to say something condescending and insulting. You can tell he struggles to find respectful words to say about people who believe in God. I'm so saddened that a man I've always respected, has none for the parents of his own country. It's truly hard to untangle confusion, as the devil is the author of it. I wish that our people would look at us, really look at us and see how different we are with our fellow man. How can love, charity, and benevolence in general, be something everyone wants to kill and/or eradicate? So foolish. I wonder what the world would be like today if every Christian were raptured out and mankind was left with the memories of the impact each of us made in their lives. They'd want our aura to remain. If they only knew how much love God shows them through His people, they'd want Christians/believers to remain forever and would probably stumble over themselves to become one.

  5. Like you said, he's being used by satan. And satan is proud and satan is disrespectful. You can slam a Jew and a Christian. But Oh! By no means should we make a joke of muslims or atheist scientist. Not that we would because we come from a God of respect and love.
    And you're spot on with your title. God takes the foolish things of this world to confound the wise. Christians are considered fools to people like Bill Nye.
    In the end, we don't tell him, "Bill believe what you want but don't teach it to your kids", because we are kind and considerate.
    and actually pity him because he is lost. And doesn't have the true Truth.
    and it's not shocking because Jesus told us to expect it.
    we are the scum of this worldit says in the bible.

    1. How did you get so wise, little lady? :) What else is there to be said? You've said it all very well!


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