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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I believe I should glorify God by letting the rest of the world see that things aren't all bad all the time and we can overcome with faith and patience. Therefore, I felt like using a fun color to lighten the mood of my last entry! Sometimes, it's the simplest things in life that can bring a little light or joy in a dark moment.        

It's hard for others to relate to having many trials to come down on you at once unless you're in the same situation at the time. I've been trying to chronicle the reality of my life without sugar-coating it or coming off to others as if all around me is perfection. That would be a lie. Perfection is nowhere to be seen, but that's probably nothing I need to tell anyone else. What I can attest to, along with the trials, is God's hand reaching in to save me.

The Lord is an everlasting God and He's faithful. Those two attributes alone make for a Father of Fathers! I could never ask for greater love. Though things are far from being what I need them to be, I see little blessings along the way, the likes of which remind me that He is still here and wants me to remember who I am through Christ Jesus. He doesn't want me to become so weak that I fall and can't get up. I don't need to remind anyone who has children, pays bills, or has health issues that life can be a real rat race. I suppose that's why it's called, "running the race," and not "sauntering along at a delightful pace."

I often believe that there's a tin can on a string running from my mouth to his ear and we are constantly talking on them across the divide. Sometimes, it seems that all I have to do is mutter the words and the circumstances can change. He's amazing that way. But He never overly extends the blessings to where I am unable to feel humility. He keeps me in a humble state. I'm grateful for it as I look around and see the high-minded and those who feel they are above others for various reasons. 'Lord, may I never feel above anyone ever.'

That all being said, "let us run with patience the race set before us." "The Lord is our strength and ever present help in times of need." There is nowhere else that I could turn in times of need. As the old baptist hymn goes, "where could I go...oh, where could I go...seeking a refuge for my soul, needing a friend to save me in the end...where could I go but to the Lord." That song has popped up in my times of trouble so often that I know now God gave it to me, because I always feel a little better when I sing that verse. Just that one. It's helpful to me.

You know, some people have everything. The cars, the house, the jewelry, and plenty more to be had because they have money. Simple as that. And I can't lie and say that I haven't asked the Lord to smite me with wealth and may I never recover from it LOL. I've often thought, 'money isn't everything and we can't take it with us when we go Lord, but I'd love to have none of the problems I have stemming from the lack of.' Then He takes me back to the subject of humility and tells me some things about myself. "Daughter, you have an expensive taste. You like nice things. Remember how you were when you had that nice car? Remember how you behaved when you were blessed with all the nice clothes you wanted whenever you wanted?" He reminds me that there was once a time when money wasn't an issue and I was a bit high-minded. I drove my nice car too fast and felt entitled to more than my share. Now, I have a positive outlook on not having money. He has afforded me all that I need but not more than my daily share. And that has humbled me. It's good! I'll gladly be poor and humble than rich and high-minded. (Not all rich are high-minded so please don't fuss at me and tell me so) :)

I had another trial arise and it has bore down on my shoulders like a mountain today, I know I know...my goodness what is going on here? LOL..just my life. It's like poultry in motion LOL (just a little cheeky humor for a moment) It's another landlord issue. That's not the point though, the point is that along with the issue that arrived, another issue lifted. It's as if God is balancing life a bit for me. "Never more than you are able to bear." Life could end at any time and I'm ready to go when it does. But while I'm here, I'm able to run this race knowing He's the one running alongside me. It all sounds so cliche and religious, but it's my true heart speaking about the one true living God.


  1. Another great post. God is truly amazing, the joy he puts in our hearts during times of tribulation leaves people confused wondering why we feel the way we do. I'm currently not working and I don't usually have money. I live at home, I don't have any of the fancy nice things women my age have like clothes, bags and shoes and fancy hair do's and getting their nails done and so on, but I don't feel like I'm missing anything. I'm so glad for the contentment I feel, which I know is only from God. It's amazing how you realize how you can live and be happy with less than you had before, i was so miserable trying to obtain all the things other people my age have. Your right about being poor and humble than rich and high-minded. "Better is a little with the fear of the Lord, than great treasure with trouble" proverbs 15:16

    1. Hi Sateigdra,

      That's a GREAT comment!! So positive and full of encouragement and truth! I can feel the Lord in your spirit. People think that just because we're talking online there's no humanity behind it, but there is. I can tell when someone isn't good for me to be associating with by the way my spirit man reacts to their words. I still feel the ability to discern the spirits even through the people I comment with here.

      In regards to your comment, you are a lot like me with the attitude you have about money and wealth. I feel like I've been blessed enough to know that side of life, but it's okay with me that it has now passed. Will I be in this financial state for the rest of my life, I don't know. But like you, I'm content. I just want to be in peace and share that peace with others. The secret to it is to realize that what we have now is our ability to love one another, not acquire stuff. I could really care less about stuff. I rent a furnished home so have no furniture of my own. I treasure the few things I DO have and give thanks to the Lord for every blessing that comes. That enriches my life fully.

      Thanks for coming by Sateigdra and as always, adding positive and encouraging words for other readers to the Lord's blog.

    2. I recognised years ago, that it isn't useful to strive for richness. At least when you die, it was all wasted time ...
      "Snatching at the wind" or, as translated in your KJV e.g. Ecclesiastes 1,14: "all is vanity and vexation of spirit."
      Note: I recognised this in my dark hours ...

    3. You have that right, all is vanity and vexation. It's best to live with peace in the heart and poor than to have no peace in the heart but be overwhelmed with worldly goods. They mean nothing.

  2. I am reading the lives of the saints... they constantly thank God for their crosses and trials, as they bring them so much closer to Him...
    i am sooooo not there yet.
    happy weekend!

    1. Hi Annmarie,

      Thanks for coming by and as always, leaving a comment that has impact and truth. Life is about the journey and not the destination, wouldn't you agree with me on that? Therefore, there's always hope that we'll be able to praise Him along the way. I have been able to thank Him for trials at times, but not always nor consistently. We all feel overwhelmed and perhaps a bit abandoned by Him when things get real intense. I'm more guilty of yelling at Him and asking Him, "..if you're there then why are you allowing this to happen to me?" than I am at saying, "it doesn't matter the 'why' Lord, just thank you because I know that all things work for the good of those who love the Lord." Yes, I know that but no, I can't always express it.

      Thanks again for such faithful visits, Annemarie!

      Happy weekend to you!

    2. Lucky you, Kelline.
      I find myself not even thinking about him more often ...
      Do you know the parable of the sower? I'm afraid to belong to the seed fell by the way side ...

    3. Don't worry Andre, if you're thinking of the parable of the sower and worried about what seed you are, then you are on the right path. All Christians have compared themselves to the seed they wish to be and hoped not to be the wrong one. You are questioning things and that's good. Continue on that path. I don't believe God expects us to constantly think about Him. He understands that ours is a struggle to get past the devil and that's where our thoughts usually take us.

  3. Hi Kelline
    you are right that God does not want you to be weak, and I know that trials can be really hard sometimes, but I love the quote of Job 'When He has tried me I shall come forth as fine gold'. I have had very hard trials regarding sickness and finances, and have been amazed at the way God is able to bring me through them, and the way He is able to do that which is not possible for man to do in those situations. I believe we always come out of our trials stronger spiritually, and that we are able to comfort others with the same comfort that we received, but I also believe that we go through trials to prove God's word is true, and that He has the power to bring about all things if we believe what He says. I hope this little poem will encourage you in your own trials.
    Do not worry do not fear
    let your heart be still
    for who on earth of mortal man
    can always know God's will
    but this we know who worship Him
    by faith shall live the just
    for then we see the power of
    the One in whom we trust

    God bless and keep you

    1. Hi Brenda,

      As always you're full of words of encouragement and yes, the poem did encourage! It read well too, it really flows. I love that!! Life is one trial after the other. I've never really been without some kind of trial (who has?) at one time or another. Remaining in faith and trusting the Lord with it all is a far greater option than giving up on Him or myself. It's also the option I choose over trying to handle it myself. I give Him the glory for each success, each moment of peace, and every trial that leaves me wiser and stronger....but I'm done now. Ready for some peace that lasts longer than a few days. I'd be lying if I didn't add my true heart to the discussion. I love the Lord and He is my anchor, but I still suffer (like most) greatly, and am growing very weary. I try not to only portray myself as "happy-go-lucky-faith-filled-Christian" for that's a false persona. I'm happy to have the Lord but I'm so tired of the trials and I actually pine for my release. This life is drudgery. There, I said it! But, I'll go on because I have a purpose and meaning. I have children and grandchildren that need me. I can't afford to be selfish.

      Thank you for coming by, Brenda, and encouraging me. I promise not to whine too much, lol. :)

  4. Whine as much as you like Kelline, that only shows you are honest. I hope your life will soon be filles with real happiness, and all the troubles stop.

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  6. "That song has popped up in my times of trouble so often that I know now God gave it to me, because I always feel a little better when I sing that verse. Just that one. It's helpful to me."
    Are you interested, which song softened my heart to Jesus for the first time?
    Claim, if the translation of the lyrics is too bad.

    "Never more than you are able to bear."
    I have a post card hanging here ... I try to translate:

    "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." (Matthew 11,28)
    The Lord can help us choosing between three ways:
    - He take away the burden as whole or in partial.
    - He gives us more body load capacity.
    - He steps next to us and bends under the burden, too. In this case, he even ups the ante sometimes.

    1. Andre, hang in there no matter how hard times may get. I am encouraging you here and now, never let go of God. It is more wise that we should believe on Him and then die to find He never existed, than to not believe and die to find He does. Hold fast!


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