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Saturday, April 7, 2012


It's late and I'm still up with my clinical depression. I usually don't blog about my most personal stuff but, hey, things change.

Speaking of change, I sure wish there was more of that going around this country. I get so discouraged when I go to the local news website's comment page and read what people have to say. Not so much about the articles, but to one another. Wow! Don't misspell a word because the other guy that misspelled more than you, will tell you what an idiot you are. Don't talk about the issues that affect our Christian nation the most, because the guy who hates all things holy will tell you the nearest hole you should be climbing back in.

Why so much hate? Where did Christ's love and Spirit go? Why aren't people friendly anymore? Whatever happened to a good old fashioned exchange of ideas that end with everyone agreeing to disagree? I see it slipping away. This makes me sad. I feel like my grandchildren will be growing up in a controversial environment where the laws have to change constantly to accommodate everyone's hate.

There was an incident recently in Knoxville that makes no sense to me. I can make sense of it only if I agree to let Satan have his way with my thoughts. There was a phone call made to an organization called, "Freedom from Religion." That phone call was placed by a "concerned citizen" that the local sheriff's department was pushing religious agendas by displaying the word "religion" on the arm patch of their uniforms. So, because this one individual in the entire town was offended by that one tiny word (which is only noticeable if you lean in and study the tiny words on that patch), this organization launched an all out war to get that one word removed from the patch. The reason? Violation of civil rights, public offense, pushing their religious beliefs on the people of that county. Those are the grounds for the litigation to remove the word. Let me be sad for a moment and perhaps cry.

There's the new bill on the floor that has to do with protecting teachers from reprimand if they mention religion during teaching of evolution. And I quote our city officials, "as long as they stick to the curriculum that teaches only on the basis of evidence founded on science, this law will protect them." What does that mean exactly? A teacher is teaching their students that we evolved from monkeys. She mentions perhaps that some other religions believe in God as our creator. This law says, she can say that "legally" as long as she sticks to teaching the school board approved curriculum that states, there's scientific evidence that there's no God and we're all monkeys. (Sarcasm expressed and author proud.)

When you read the comments people leave involving this subject, it's heated. Not against the scientific teaching, but against those who don't agree with it. That would be Christians. What's being said? Things like, "Christians are constantly trying to push their own agenda," "Christians think their way is the only way," "Christians think they run this country," "Christians think they're above the rest of us." These are some of the things I read but I read them a lot and from many different names. This seems to be the general consensus.

The next impulse I had was to type out the words, "what could we be doing differently Christian brothers and sisters?" You know what? I don't think anyone would listen. (Well, not like I have too many readers anyway). I just had the distinct knowledge that the face of Christianity is changing and it's not for the good. What used to be an outpouring of love for one another has turned into an "every Christian for himself," attitude.

Preachers don't preach the truth anymore. They're like a certain preacher with the initials Joel Osteen...oops..did I say that out loud?...who preach only comfortable words and the evidence of it is the size of the church he has. How does a church get that big? You tell people only what they want to hear and not the truth.

Don't tell people there's hell fire and damnation because they don't want to hear that, and if you tell them that truth, they'll find another church where they don't have to endure such discomfort. Joel Osteen figured that out.

Because of the preachers refusing to preach the whole truth of the gospel souls are lost. The whole truth will bring about conviction, and conviction brings about remorse, and remorse brings about repentance, and repentance is unto Salvation. There are so many in their sins right now and some preachers are failing miserably, but they're making boocoos of money so that's what matters to them. How many jets does one man need, Mr. Jesse Duplantis, Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar, and all your friends?!

These men are false prophets. They come bearing falsities and lies and those who follow these blind men will fall into the ditch as well. Christ is the poorest and yet these men are the richest. Christ is the most meek and humble and yet these men are haughty and pompous. Christ was sacrificial and yet these men continue to gain wealth unto themselves. Christ fed 5,000 from His own supply of food and yet these men give nothing. I suppose they might send out some money to keep up their appearances but they don't get their hands dirty.

I say to those out there who exploit our children for your gain, God sees what you do. I say to those out there who hide behind the Bible and call themselves "of God," He knows who is His because He has called us by name. I say to all of those out there who twist the scriptures into something given for pleasure, "you're hurting more than one person, but instead, you're hurting the generations to come." And finally, to all preachers out there who have been given a platform by which to preach the gospel, "use it wisely for you will be held accountable for every word misspoken, and make sure there is no blood on your hands."

The heartache I feel is that we seem to be losing the battle. I've always maintained that God's church will stand, and I still believe that! But where it will stand is the question.


  1. Kelline you are invited to follow my new blog....my old blog was taken off for some reason.

  2. I think ol' Steve totally skipped the post. How could you read a post with such heartache for a lost and dying world and have nothing other to say than, "you're invited to follow my blog."
    Kelline, I agree. It's the great falling away James talks about.
    The church of the Laodicea.
    The only good news, is that when we see these things happening we are to look up and rejoice, knowing that His coming is near!
    Take heart my friend. Heartache for a lost and dying world is oneness with the Father. Who also shares in the heartche.

    1. This is true and it's very well said, sis. You're a wise young woman. I never thought of it quite this way. I always saw my heartache at the way the world is going as me being a true Christian because I didn't feel as the preachers said we should. They say, "if you're a Christian you should be the happiest person in the world." I always thought, "how can you look at the human condition in this day and age and be happy unless you're completely blind or into your own little world only and ever?" Thank you for this Monica!!


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