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Sunday, February 12, 2012


I'm expounding on the last few posts wherein I talk about feeling like religion has been smothering me. I want to go back to the start and regain some awareness of God and less of man and their teachings. I've been so confused and so unhappy with the constant religious environments. Get up on Sunday, go to church, go home, get up on Sunday, go to church, go home. It began to seem like there's something more. I began to question my reasons for attending church. There's value in it but I also have come to realize that it's not how God expects us to love, cherish, honor, or serve Him. My relationship with Jesus Christ is not contingent upon my faithful church attendance and the reason it isn't is because if that was the rule, then people bed-ridden would have no hope of a relationship with Him since they can't leave their beds. So, I've started the process of ridding my life of the religion, ceremony, and tradition that the church has burdened me with. Wear this, talk like that, pray 3 times a day, bow your head, cross your hands, hit your knees, don't make a mistake, don't act human, be a religious femme-bot. No more. So, this morning I stayed home and watched a sermon in Colorado online. I'm posting that sermon here. Here is what God said to me in the midst of my struggle, if you care to know. He's there, He hears, He understands, and if you seek, you WILL find!!

NOTE: This guy is so funny, it's an added bonus to this sermon. He's clearly operating in the Spirit of God and peppers his sermon with funny little commentaries and antics. It makes for an enjoyable experience. I hope you enjoy the sermon as well. He's talking about the 23rd Psalm and King David as it all relates to us. "The Lord is my Shepherd..." Remember you'll need to scroll to the bottom and click "mute" on the playlist.

P.S. I think my fish should be pigs the way they scarf down their little kibbles!!  

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