We all have a choice to believe in something, I choose to believe in God!

Sunday, February 5, 2012


God is like the rain that falls on dry and parched desert lands. One minute you can be so dry and in desperate need of refreshing. The next thing you know He's raining down on you. It's life-giving for the soul. I picture my heart to be like a rock sometimes when suddenly, pieces of it begin to crumble away to expose the rhythm of a heartbeat. The life breaks forth. But if we don't stay connected to God and flow through life with Him, that desert land will remain dry and dusty and abandoned. A place where nothing can grow and no one wants to go to. God is the rain that brings the life. The life that sustains is brought by the rains. That which is brought by the rains and sustains the life is needful and can't be forgotten. One can't forget that their life needs to be sustained. He's with me all the time. But sometimes, I don't honor that presence. That's when I begin to become parched. My life begins to resemble a dry lake bed. Cracked, flat, nothing green for miles. But then I realize "with Whom we have to do." And I turn my face to Him, and He sends the life (the rains). And once again..I bloom!!

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