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Saturday, January 21, 2012


My angel-baby grandson is sleeping soundly right now. As I stood over his crib and watched his little back rise and fall, I was struck by the life in him. His little body no bigger than the length of my arm. His tiny heart pumping life throughout his tiny body. I'm in awe. Absolute awe. His life began because the lives of his parents began because the lives of their parents began, and so on. Where did that first spark of life begin? Life was passed into my grandson by life. I'm having the warmest feeling, and there is the biggest smile on my face right now. The thought of the miracle that is life. I can feel the reality of it but I can't articulate. He's sleeping without a care in the world. His tiny fat legs pulled up to his belly and his little fat hands are balled up on both sides of little shoulders. He's warm and peace-filled. He's making little wheezing sounds with every exhale. Just thought I'd share my moment of awe.

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