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Sunday, January 22, 2012


I'm thankful today that God knows my heart, hears my prayers, works it all out, and does it all for His glory and not my own. I was in the valley. It was reflected in a couple of the blogs I posted recently. I stood against the church. The devil, my enemy, must have been having a good laugh at my expense.

Today's sermon was my trip to the woodshed (as we say in the south about getting a spanking). God flat out told me what He thought of my disrespect of His church. He dealt firmly but lovingly with me.

He told me to go back over my blog and delete the posts that said anything negative about the church. He also told me that He knows why I feel this way about the church I've decided to leave. He made it known that His eye is on things and that He doesn't need my opinions. He told me that I was falling into a dangerous place as a Christian. He gave me the information I need to avoid the sudden impact of apathy and conformity to the world.

I erased those blog posts and I apologize to anyone who may have already read them. I can't remember the exact words the preacher used but I know that my words weren't helping anyone, they were hurting in fact. I was sitting in a place of judgement. Not my seat to take.

It's not my place as a Christian to stand against the church. I must stand with my people even when I don't agree. This is my lesson to be learned as to how easily the devil is able to divide and conquer.

The primary thing for me to know is that God has been with me through this entire journey into the valley. He brought me back out and He did it quickly. I'm here to say that He couldn't have done that if I had decided in my heart that I was right and couldn't be wrong. I knew if I left myself open He would work it out and reveal the truths to me that I might not see. It didn't take long for God to do a new thing.

This blog post is my way of acknowledging God's abilities to work and move in the hearts of His children when they're yielded. This is my public statement against the devils abilities to oppress, depress, or suppress God's children for any length of time. He'll always try, but God always wins. It sounds weak but I never claimed to be a writer.

It always hurts to take a spanking. Nobody willingly goes to the woodshed. But the blessing I've received today is immeasurable. The joy that has returned to me is invaluable. The peace that is flowing through me is like a river. The new knowledge I've gained is only attainable through the works of the Holy Spirit. I can only say it as it seems to me to be....God worked so hard to help me and save me and guide me back to Him and out of the darkness. He loves me so much!!! He loves you the same. If you don't know Him, go to the bottom of the page and say the prayer and you'll get the same kind of blessings in your own life that I got in mine.


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