We all have a choice to believe in something, I choose to believe in God!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


I decided that in order for me to serve God with all my heart, then I need to know who He is. The only way to know who He is, is to read His word, His love letter to me. Then, I needed to seek out every word that described Him. Verbs (action words-things He does). This is what I found in just the first 3 books of the Bible, Genesis, Exodus, and Leviticus. God: appoints, avenges,affects, answers, appears, accepts, adds unto us, abides, annoints, abhors, assays, accurses, advances, blesses, breathes, brings, builds, becomes my salvation, blows, bares, breaks, be, bestows, blots, begets, bears, begins, chases, claves, commands, clothes, curses, chooses, causes, covenants, comes down, confounds, corrects, communes, closes, charges, comes (in a dream), calls, casts, cuts off, consumes, covers, clears, consecrates, chastises, concieves, carries, chastens, cares for, decides, delivers, divides, does, deals with, is, drives out, destroys, does, dashes, descends, dwells, draws out, departs, disinherits, delights, defies, dries up (the waters), discomfits, establishes, entreats, endues, executes, enlarges, expels, exalts, feeds, finds, falls upon us, fights, fulfills, fills, forgives, forbids, forsakes, fetches, fathers, forms, flies, gives, grieves, goes, guides, gets, gathers, hears, heals, hearkens, has, hardens, honors, helps, holds, hallows, humbles, hates, hides, heaps, is, instructs, judges, justifies, knows, keeps, kills, kindles, looses, looks upon, leads, lays, looks through, looks unto, lives, loves, lifts up, marks, multiplies, makes, magnifies, meets, moves, nourishes, names, opens, overthrows, promises, plagues, possesses, provides, prospers, performs, puts, passes by/through/over, purchases, plants, proves, prepares, pardons, proclaims, presents, punishes, provokes, parts, preserves, plucks, questions, requires, rises, rewards, receives, requites, replaces, recompenses, regrets, rents, rebuilds, rides, restrains, rejects, reminds, removes, remembers, renames, repeats, reassures, rains, rebukes, redeems, rids, raises us up, reigns, records, repents, reforms, refuses, repays, rejoices, returns, renders, sanctifies, sees, separates, speaks, searches, shuts, spends, starts, shines, stops, subdues, smells, scatters, shows, shields, sets, spares, smites, sends, saves, slays, suffers, swears, stretches (forth His hand), seeks, severs, shows, strengthens, stands, takes, tempts, tells, takes, teaches, turns, troubles, triumphs, talks with, thinks, thrusts out, testifies, thunders, visits, vexes, waters, withholds, watches, witnesses, wills, wroughts, writes, works, walks, withstands, wounds, whets (a sword). HOW'S THAT FOR MIGHTY GOD!!!??? Those are just the verbs. That list doesn't include what He IS. I've got that list nearly completed as well. In Him is all human nature. All that we are can be found in Him. Obviously He wants us to know Him for who He IS. Churches tend to say only 2 things about Him...He loves and He forgives! How about the rest of who He is? He's all things to all people! I love you Father!!!!

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