We all have a choice to believe in something, I choose to believe in God!

Monday, September 5, 2011


I resent being referred to as a glorified monkey.  I didn't evolve, or crawl out of the sea as an amoeba.  I was "fearfully and wonderfully made" by a God whos fingerprints can be seen in the fact that almost every single living breathing creature/animal has 2 eyes over 1 nose and 1mouth.  If everything is the product of something as simplistic as evolution, then what's all the fabulous beauty and colors for?  Why would a "process" create beautiful colors?  Evolution dictates that something evolved to sustain itself in it's environment.  Why would a mallard duck need to be painted so beautifully so it can eat or breed?  Wouldn't it just have instinct?  Or scent?  Or sight?  Noooo.  Something much deeper is going on here.  Why would we wonder further than ourselves spiritually?  Why are we contemplating any of it if we're the product of a "process"? And why are the monkeys that ARE, still the same monkeys?  You know, scientists tell us that earlier human forms were us then.  Noooo.  Just like dinosaurs eventually grew extinct, certain human races have died off in a land that certainly must have been extremely harsh. What's to say those early forms of human weren't God's 1st attempts at what he finally settled on?  People, look deep inside yourselves, you aren't something evolved.  You are someone.  You have a soul.  There is a God.  He thought you up and breathed life into you.  Dig deep.  Don't let some scientific fact fool you into letting go of your humanity. Why do we cry and hurt?  Evolution wouldn't give you feelings.  Just instincts to survive.  That's the whole basis of evolution.  No scientist ever said, "people evolved from lower life forms so that they could effectively soothe their fellow man's broken heart after a divorce," or "so a mother could kiss her child's boo-boo."  Evolution is a process.  People are a CREATION and all things created have a creator.  A creator who gave us so much more than instinct to eat or breed.  Scientists have an answer for everything but God's the One who gave them all of their wisdom and insight.  Evolution, by it's very nature, wouldn't have anything to do with things of the spirit.  If you've ever wondered if there is a God, then there is a God. 

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