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Friday, February 22, 2013


Religion finds people acting on their flesh when they allow themselves to read a passage and then act it out without the moving of the Holy Spirit. 

I give you this example: A man is lying in the gutters. You see him there and know that the Lord expects benevolence of you as well as it is in your heart to do. You've read the scriptures to love thy neighbor as thy self and not to send your neighbor away empty if you have it to give, and so you think on those verses. You decide you're going to give the man some money but something is tugging at you and you second guess the gesture. Without a whisper to the Lord or an inquiry to Him as to why you feel like you shouldn't give the man the money, you begin to reach for the $5 you have but then decide, "no..I'm giving him the $20." The tugging gets stronger and now you're sure there's something telling you not to give him that $20, just the $5. Nobody would ever second guess such a thing unless they're selfish or greedy, right? Only a good person would choose to give more instead of less, right? Did you ask God to just give you some clarity and guide you to what the right thing to do is? 

Let us hear the conclusion of the matter: You've decided to give the man the $20, despite the tugging at your heart and the strong feeling that you should only give him the $5. For a brief second you contemplate why you've brushed aside the feelings and you quickly rationalize it with these 3 words, "The Bible says..." and that's all the explanation you feel you need to give yourself. You then hand the man the $20, which he happily accepts, and you part ways. You continue on your journey feeling 50% right and somehow 50% wrong but you shrug it off. Within a span of time you have to return via the direction you came in and in so doing, hope to see the man gone because you happen to know that he can get a bed at the mission on the corner for $5. Instead, you approach the area where you left him to see an ambulance and officers and a crowd of people forming. You walk up to a bystander and inquire as to what the commotion is all about. "Some homeless man stumbled out of the bar across the street and fell into the path of a big truck," he says. Instantly your heart sinks. Without another word, you make your way closer to the accident scene and sure enough, it's him, the man you gave the $20 to.

Here's the lesson God taught me using this exact same story and scenario, which He wrote on my heart years ago. He has never allowed me to lose it's meaning: When the man chose the $20 over the $5 while snubbing the Holy Spirit's urging not to, he sealed the man's fate. What He didn't know about the man were the things God knew, and what God knew was that he would take the money given to him and drink it up. But if the man only had $5, he wouldn't have had enough to get as drunk as he prefers and so would have chosen to take the $5 and go find a bed for the night. Also, at the mission they serve a message of Christ with breakfast so the man would have heard a salvation message the next morning. All God needed from His servant here was that his act of benevolence not be based on scripture alone nor what the man's flesh wanted to do, but rather on a willing heart combined with the knowledge of scripture. Most importantly however is that the Holy Spirit was the power behind it all. He was the guiding force but the man shrugged Him off because his flesh and his belief in the scriptures assured him in his mind (not his heart) that he was doing the right thing. He had read it and he thought it and therefore, he did it. 

What's the moral of this story my friends?


  1. This is an amazing story, I think the moral is lean not on your own understanding. Sometimes, I think we tend to be torn between whether it's the Holy Spirit or the devil urging us to do certain thing's, of course The Holy Spirit is no match for the devil. All the time we just want to do the right thing but can't seem to figure out on the spot whether what we're about to do is the right thing, and we're being obedient or the wrong thing. I try to seek God's counsel for everything, because to be honest, I would be lost without Him and all my intelligence and good decisions I know comes from Him because other wise I would be like a crazy person.
    I've had moment's where I was in a similar position, felt a nudging feeling to do one thing but felt the other way made more sense, then I thought but this is what God would like, but then again I got confused. It just boils down to trusting God. They say trust your first instinct, a lot of times that can be bad advice but there are those times when you wish you did. For me when it comes to bums, over here we call them jonesers, because they're always jonesing for something, I'm usually pretty sure they're going to get drugs or a drink but I still give them the money because I guess I'm hoping they will actually get food that they say they're going go get.

    1. This story was given to me by the Lord during a Sunday school class a year ago and it's so certain that it came from Him because I heard it in it's entirety immediately, whispered to my knowledge. No matter how many things around it I forget, this I can't forget. From time to time it's called into remembrance and I apply it to the scenario. Someone must be needing to read this because it popped up again and I felt compelled to write it out. It definitely sounds like you've experienced this with the Jonesers. Most people think it's a no-brainer but it's always possible that someone's life could be at stake and that it's our lack of obedience that could cost them their life. But it's not for one person to tell another, only the Holy Spirit can do that.

  2. I agree absolutely.
    Only God knows what is in the heart of each person. That is why we have to have our 'daily' bread and keep in constant touch with the Lord's will for our own lives, and also listen to that still small voice.

    1. Indeed, that still small voice! So important in our walk yet so ignored sometimes and at the most important times!


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