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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


How many of my brothers/sisters in Christ would agree with me that God is love? How many of you would agree with me that love is the primary thing in Christianity? How many of you would agree that if we are to choose anything when interacting with others that we are to choose to, "love thy neighbors as ourselves?" How many of you would agree that, when you get to heaven, the likelihood of God telling you that, "you didn't pass judgment, condemnation, and hate off on others enough," is what He'll be saying to you more than welcoming you home? How many of you believe the scriptures that tell us that "God so loved the world that..."? How many of you see the great love that Jesus showed during His time with us, as well as the act of sacrifice He made on the cross? How many of you believe that the sacrifice Jesus made was not a show of courage, a badge of honor, a door to war,  or a statement telling us that, "My death will give you power to judge, hate and condemn"?

If you agree with most or all of those questions, then I believe you understand what it truthfully means to be a Christian, and I believe you know Jesus personally so as to understand His nature and purpose for sacrificing His life on that cross.

That being established, I will now make my statement of love for all of God's creation, all people, all races, cultures, faiths, and beliefs. That includes homosexuals. And I will tell you that if you are being taught in church that homosexuals are not loved by the Lord and that you've been given some kind of special honorable place on the right hand of Jesus to pass condemnation and judgement on a homosexual individual, that you are being mislead. You're sitting under the teachings of the enemy. You're being taught how to have hate in your heart and how to spread that disease to others. You're being told that God sent Jesus to endue you with the power of judgement and dishonorable hate, rather than a special love that can only be understood if Jesus is in your heart.

How does it feel to be in the presence of the Lord in a powerful Holy Spirit-filled church service or a meeting of any kind where people gather in the name of Jesus? If you've ever had the Holy Spirit anoint you, you know pure love and pure joy. A moment that you'll never experience outside of that wonderful presence. I've been under the anointing, I've had the Holy Spirit descend on me many times. I am still under the anointing. And if He hasn't led me to anything else, He's led me to love. He's led me to understand the difference between His gracious, merciful, love and the hate that's being taught in His name.

You can't take me word for anything unless this message is specifically for you based on an attitude of hate you may be feeling towards people who have a same sex partner as their wife/husband or mate. God may be talking to you through me.

I have a very good healthy fear of God. I won't speak about things that I feel or believe unless it's been written on my heart and I'm firm, without doubt, and have been to the Lord about it. Only when there's 0% doubt and 100% confirmation from Him that I'm on the right path, can I believe my own thoughts. I have to feel compelled in Christ to speak out against something that other Christians seem to be embracing. In this case, hating, condemning, judging, disowning, and/or mocking people who claim homosexuality.

Now, that being said, I'll propose to you that ours is a God of love. In the end of times when we must stand before Him, He's going to ask us why we didn't behave as Jesus' example taught. We're going to be held accountable for every ounce of pain and suffering we've caused another. The Bible is not specific about that in regards to sexual preferences of others. It's specific about that with regards to anyone who has a heartbeat and lives on this earth.

If you were gay, how would you feel if the very people that the world perceives to have a safe haven of warmth and love to offer, turned on you and referred to you as an abomination, hated, unloved, unwanted, sick, in need of help, worthy of hell fire? Do we honestly believe that God will judge those who are gay but won't judge us for hating them? How, if you have the nature of Christ, can you hate someone? What two people do is between them and God. We're not their judges. Jesus didn't die on the cross to give us governing rights over their lives. Jesus never told one disciple to go and make destruction of people's sex lives/personal preferences. He said, "go and make fishers of men."

There's not a preacher out there that will ever convince me that this judgement is right and asked of us by God. God is able to judge and draw without our help. How is a person going to receive a healing if the church is spreading condemnation, hate, and judgement about it? How is a person going to feel safe to come forward and seek spiritual counsel when the church has gone so far astray (not all churches and not all people) that they don't know which church they can turn to? Only a church that sets a bulletin up, makes a commercial, and holds a news conference in their town telling the gay community that they love and accept them and are there if needed for any reason, can be trusted by that individual. As it stands now, there's so much hate coming from within the church body that the entire country is confused by whether we are the good guys or the bad guys.

Look within your heart for the word of the Lord before you decide to ask the preacher, ask a friend, read a devotional, or even the Bible. Ask God first and then let His Holy Spirit guide you to the answer you seek. Then, wait for confirmation before you begin to let the knowledge you've gained manifest in your outward behaviors towards others.

When one knows the nature of God and His wonderful all-encompassing love, does it make sense that, in the grand scheme of things and in His great wisdom, He would throw a soul into hell for having unnatural sex? You see, God is love and so therefore, He finds that in us. That's what He nurtures, waters, and cultivates in His children. If two people are in love then why would God say to them, "I know you're in love and that your love for one another is pure, and it's just what I expect and what's good and right, but since in this fleeting vapor of life, you had some unnatural sex in the flesh [which passes away] I'm going to have to throw you into the trash pile. I know I know, 'but you're in love' and that's what I'm all about. But since there were those moments of fleshly pleasure that I gave all creation to experience, you'll have to burn in hell for that. But, hey, I'm love and I so loved the world that I sent my only son to die a horrible sacrificial death [out of love] for you, but that's nothing compared to your physical unnatural acts."

Really think about it! To tell the world that our sinful acts are so bad that our God will wholly and completely condemn for it doesn't speak one word towards the grace and mercy that He is and has shown generations and generations of people. Instead, what you're telling the world is that our sins are greater than His love. Personally, I think you're treading a very fine line when you choose to condemn, judge, and hate a homosexual person and simply justify your decision by saying, "it's a sin." There are more than many that won't agree with me. They'll just see me as a liberal Christian. Well, here I sit with complete peace with God. No convictions, no second guessing this. Just complete peace, love, and joy in His presence. I know that I know that I know that the attitude towards homosexuality is a work of the devil designed to bring division and hate into the hearts of God's children. And it's working.

The fact is that, homosexuality was spoken against in the Old Testament by God because it kept the children of Israel from multiplying quickly during a time when God was working to make a great nation out of them. It was also one of the stipulations under the letter of the law. We are "no longer under the letter of the law but are ye now under grace." And what is grace? "sufficient." If we are born into sin, then we're sinful creatures. "There's none good, no not one." I believe that we all fall under the category then. Homosexuality is just one more thing in the long list of things we as humans do that can be considered abhorred by God, detestable, reprehensible. We're all guilty of something. If you're full of detestable contempt for another human, then you're no better than they for the thing you detest them for.

Here's a link of about 13 items that fall under the category of "abomination" . You'll find the word to relate to the eating of certain foods, mostly. It's about unclean, not unforgivable. It's about the letter of the law, not the grace extended to us through the blood of Jesus Christ. It's about God seeing mankind and realizing that we will never be able to measure up to His holy goodness and that Jesus made a way for us to receive His grace. If you're going to offer something to someone outside of the faith and the church, it should be compassion, understanding, warmth, a good listening ear, and above all LOVE.

Thank you for reading this post. It's much longer than I usually post but then again, that shows that I'm talking in the Spirit because I'm very sure of this and very passionate about condemning the devil's lies back into hell with him.


  1. I enjoyed this post. "God hates gays" seems to be becoming the motto of the Christian conservative community lately and that is not at all the direction I believe God is leading His people in.

    The way I have come to see it is that homosexuality is no different than the many other sins the Bible speaks out against. Scripture teaches that God sees sin equally and to choose a gay lifestyle is the same to Him as choosing a murdering or a lying lifestyle.

    The homosexual community is no worse than the rest of us who battle against sin. The Bible teaches that sin is wrong and faith in Christ and obedience to His commands is the answer to our problem.

    I think that the whole world knows now that the Bible says that homosexuality is wrong. Our focus, instead, should be on loving these people and offering them help and restoration. Would we not offer a hand to someone who openly confesses to being a murderer and expresses interest in salvation? Why should homosexuality be any different?

    The church is well known for pointing fingers at problems, but are we offering solutions? It is time for God's people to stand up and uncross their arms and be willing to love as Jesus loved. Jesus addressed the sins of the person and He never told someone that their sin was okay. But He did offer them a solution (He forgave them their sins).

    I think the church should follow this model that Jesus set up. We should not treat homosexuality as being acceptable or okay, but we cannot condemn a person for their sin when we should be pointing them towards the love and Lordship of Jesus Christ. This world is full of sin and perversion, yes. That is no excuse for inaction. Its time the Body of Christ stopped highlighting the sins of others and started working to be the solution.

    Again, great post. :)

    1. Hi Josh,

      And as always, another great comment. You're a mighty man of God, my brother! The body of Christ has a beautiful diamond with you among us!

      I have some very deep thoughts about this subject, Josh. There's so much the Lord is speaking into my heart. I think there's more to this issue than what we are seeing on the surface. And by "this issue" I mean, the church's view and how they handle this. I won't fill up my comment with it because it will need to be said in a post to be shared with the world. I will say this, we have to realize that not all gay people are believers. That being established, the Lord is telling me that we can't expect them to come to Him if we're telling them that they're love is forbidden. There's no such scripture written. There's no such thing as a forbidden love, only forbidden behaviors. I'm still in my infancy with this so I tread lightly for now.

      I feel an amazing connection to you in the Spirit. I love you (as my little brother in Christ) and I hope to hear from you soon. Have you given any thought to joining me on Google plus? I'm looking for you there. It can be treacherous waters to navigate as you sort through the people you want to see posts from, but once you figure it out, you can almost never see anything the offends the Holy Spirit.

      Anyway, talk to you soon. God bless you and thank you for such insight and determination to do God's will. You inspire me!! :)

  2. Hi Kelline,
    just read your post. It is because of God's love for all that I am a believer today. It is because I have seen God's love in my own life, helping me, comforting me, guiding me and healing me, that I want others to know Him through Jesus. This was the only reason that I, along with my friend, have been able to go out into the streets evangelizing with what He has given us to take out there, because I know He is REAL, and His love is REAL. We are told that we cannot judge outsiders, and that the word itself is the judge of those inside the church, and that we are to call no man evil for once we were evil ourselves. For me the word 'evil' has always meant simply the reverse of what it spells in reverse, 'live'. When we come to Jesus we start to 'live' as we were meant to live. Before then we were dead in our sins through our inheritance from Adam. 'For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive'. God's love is not like mans' love, the only 'condition' is that we walk through the 'door' to receive it.
    God bless you

    1. Hi Brenda, sister,

      You're such a great woman of God! Your account of why you know He's real is why I know. I'll tell you about the most amazing thing God ever did in my life, and He's done a lot, however this is the show stopping topper for me. He spoke love into my soul and spirit. Simple and yet unlike anything I ever felt or knew before. That's the only way to say this, "felt" or "knew."

      I was simply standing in my living room in the middle of the day and alone. I wasn't worshiping, praying, or even thinking about God at that moment (although I probably was on some unconscious level because I'm always thinking about Him) when I suddenly KNEW love. Words don't describe this. He told me He loved me but it didn't go to my ears. It went to the fibers of my soul. It permeated my essence, my being. It charged the human energy in my flesh but coursed through like a bolt of....not electricity....there are no words. I paused there for a long time trying to find the words..there aren't human words. I can get close to explaining but I can't explain it using our finite words because these kind of words don't exist. I knew love and I KNEW it was God. I've had 100s of people in my lifetime declare love for me, but none (not even parents, my children, deceased husband) made me to KNOW it! This was 2 seconds of pure AGAPE!! I knew God.

      I don't know why He said it into me. But I've begged Him to say it again many many times. It doesn't really work that way. I have a special purpose in life. Like you. Mine is to tell the world He loves them because He is love...SO MUCH LOVE.

      Brenda, sister, we can't fathom it. The knowledge of His love is only the surface for this earth...the reality of His love is unfathomable and knowing it by works is impossible. We can't learn something like what He gave me that day. I'll never let go. I don't feel special, just chosen for my purpose. I feel incredibly blessed, you can imagine. The true joy is that I'm just little ole me, this entire time. I'm "saved by grace and not by works lest ye boast." I just rest in Him and let the Holy Spirit do His work in me.

      I'm glad to share that with you! I've shared it with others but it's as if God leads me to share with only specific people at specific times. The rest of my ministry of love. I was told by someone today, "remember not to over exert love." I can't understand that at all. It's impossible to over exert love.

      God bless you and thank you very much for stopping by. I got an email of this comment this time. I'll talk with you soon and keep going!

  3. Yes Kelline I understand the experience that you had in your living room, I have had several experiences that have brought a feeling that I cannot describe in my natural language. I believe that is where the gift of tongues comes in. It is a language by which I can speak mysteries to God, feelings that I don't even understand myself because they go beyond all natural understanding. I had what people call a 'near death experience' when I was twemty eight years old, which I have put on my blog in which I experienced this feeling of indescribable love in a place that I felt I had been in before I was born, and this led me to write a short story called 'shoes', which I have also put on my blog if you ever feel like reading them. I believe all these things that we experience are to be shared as a testimony to the love that God has for mankind because we are told that we shall overcome the Devil and his angels by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony.

    1. Sister Brenda,

      Do you know that I've begged and begged the Lord for the gift of tongues? I think some receive it and some do not. The apostle Paul explained it in such a way that says to me that not all of us are given the same gifts. Evidently that's a gift that is given to some but not others. I have been able to lay hands on and heal people so I suppose that might be the gift I received in place of tongues. But, I maintain, (and God knows this) that I want more than anything in the Kingdom to have such a beautiful gift. I don't know why it means so much to me, except that I feel like I can't speak in my spirit as I want to for my flesh getting in the way. In other words, in all my most prayerful moments my ability to speak fluently of the things I want to convey are hindered by my own English speaking tongue. I know that I know that I know (repetitive phrase is intended) that if I had such a gift as the gift of tongues that I'd be able to flow so much the more.

      However, I trust the Lord with all things pertaining to myself and so I treasure what He has chosen to impart to me. Please tell me about your gift. Tell me how it feels to speak in tongues. Do you understand what you're saying? Is it a spiritual high that you feel when you're in the spirit and speaking in tongues? I want to understand and know all that you're willing to tell me. You can share that here for my other readers if you like.

      Thank you for the time in visiting. God bless you!

  4. Hi Kelline, I pray that the Lord will give you the gift of apeaking in tongues, He does give us our heart's desire. Yes, it is a completely Spiritual experience, and a very beautiful and humbling one too. The only way I can describe what it does is: If I was so sad, or so happy, that whatever I said to anybody could never describe the state I am in, then speaking in this other language that God has given me does exactly that. It not only explains how I feel, it brings a comfort that seems to come from being able to release my feelings in such a way that there is nothing hidden from God. It reveals to God, and releases from me, everything that is in my heart. Sometimes we do not know what we should pray for, so I know that if I am praying for someone in this other language, then I am praying according to the will of God. It also appears to work in another way in my life. I was travelling in my car one day and I started singing in this language. I had a 'feeling' of what was being sung, but could not understand the words. I then prayed that the Lord would give me the interpretation of the song. The next thing, I was singing the song in English. I am aware that we don't all speak in tongues, but I believe that we CAN all speak in tongues. When I was first baptized, my husband and son were baptized too. My son received the gift of tongues, but my husband did not, no matter how many times people prayed for him to. However, a couple of years later, when we had returned to the UK I was quite ill in the middle of the night and in a lot of pain. I woke my husband and asked him if he would pray for me, but he was not used to praying for people and I think he felt awkward. He tried to comfort me and then fell asleep, I knew he was asleep because I could hear him snoring slightly. Suddenly he started speaking in tongues while still asleep and all my pain disappeared. I woke him and told him, but he remembered nothing of it. I cannot explain that, yet I felt that my husband HAD received the gift of speaking in tongues but for some reason it was not activating in his consciousness.
    God bless you and give you your heart's desire Kelline.

    1. Sister Brenda,

      What a beautiful testimony as to this gift. What you have told me here, is confirming even more that I would want to speak in tongues. I have this instinct about it that it's more than I am. My language is English and was learned in the flesh. This language is given and flows from the heart and soul, the essence and spirit of who we are. I would very much like to open my mouth and hear something heavenly and know that the words are reaching the very heart of God. I wonder if this gift is just given as a gift of love and grace and on request or, if it's given to certain ones for certain ministries and for certain reasons that only God has knowledge of, as He has planned our lives. Either way, I ask you to pray that God sees fit and wills for me, and also that He reveals why He wouldn't impart tongues to me if that's His will, as well. I accept that, gratefully, for I know that His will being done in my life is what brings the joy, peace, and love I have for the world. God bless you and again, thank you for coming by and leaving GREAT comments of depth and love!!

  5. Hi Kelline, the only reason I say I believe that all people can speak in tongues is that there are scriptures like 'ask anything in My name and it will be done for you by My Father in Heaven' and 'where two agree as touching anything on earth it will be done for them by My Father in Heaven'. I don't fully understand why things are sometimes not granted at the time, maybe it is to do with 'there is a time for everything', or the prayer of faith. I have been seeking answers for years on issues such as this, particularly healing. I did not understand why I have experienced both miracles and healings, but also times when I have been told that His grace is sufficient for me. All I know is that God is taking me deeper into seeking His word for all the answers. I too am experiencing that the more I act on the life changing word that comes from Him, the more my love for the world increases.

    1. Sister Brenda,

      I believe in what you say 100%. Perhaps the gift will arrive at the right moment. I will be short with this comment as I need to change the subject for us and ask you to pray for our brother in Christ. You can find him at the link on the bottom of the page, "Cross Tipped Churches," in order to leave a message of hope. I do not think it would offend him that I am telling you that he is having a rough week and needs all the love and encouragement that we can give him. He is a very dear man and has a wonderful gift of photography. Would it be imposing on you to visit "Cross Tipped Churches" and let Russ know that we've spoken and that you're there to let him know that someone is praying for him? It is very much appreciated if you can. Comfort is needed in his family! I add that I'm not sure why my blog picture here in the comments has changed. I wonder what happened. How frustrating...darn Google. Ok then, until next time we speak, God bless you and thank you for visiting and sharing your testimony, Brenda.

  6. Hi Kelline, for some reason 'replies' aren't showing up on my blog. They are comming up in my comments page though.

    1. Hi Brenda, for some reason my avatar isn't showing up at all in here on my comments. If your comments are messing up and my avatar is messing up in my comments only, then Google has a problem that we should send feedback to. I commented on your blog yesterday but I also saw where another individual's comment did the same thing as mine and you were kind to explain to him that the comments were coming through elsewhere. I'll take that to mean, I can still comment but they'll be rerouted to somewhere else for you. Thanks for letting me know about it. I suggest we both send a feedback report from our readers list page to Google and let them know there are some glitches in our comments sections. God bless.

  7. What a wonderful surprise when I a friend posted this. I was having a horrible day. could not understand why God had abandoned me he has not!!!! He just put me on a different path. A safer one. yes I know Jesus is about love not condemnation. Thank-you for posting this Norman MacLeod.

    1. Hi Mary Jane,

      I just wanted to tell you how happy I am that God has used me to speak something that has been a blessing to your soul. He has His eye on His children always. He knows your heart, dear sister. He knew you would need this blessing. To Him be the glory. Norman McCleod was kind to reshare my blog with the world and thereby, facilitate your receipt of God's blessing for you. God bless you! I'll see you around G+.

  8. Replies
    1. Annmarie,

      As always, you have much impact in few words! Thank you for coming by so faithfully. You're a blessing!

  9. You are astounding in the message that millions, who click on the cite will find warmth, compassion and understanding. Never stop your love heart beaming messages from God.

    1. Mary Jane,

      You give me too much credit my dear. It's the love of Christ. He doesn't promise to make us perfect. He doesn't promise me that I can surpass the expectations of others, but He promises that if I'll obey that "still small voice" that He speaks to me with, I can do great things.

      That being said, thank you for supporting me. This is a good time in our lives to support one another. Even though I've discovered others that tend to choose the low road and the option of jealousy and hate towards me, I know that I can rise above it. Sisterly support helps.

      Please be strong in the Lord. Don't worry about works, just rest in the Lord and let Him do a work of peace and love in you. All is well!

  10. Hi Kelline,
    I've just added your blog to a list of blogs that I follow, amongst others, on the lower right hand side of my blog. It is showing a new post called 'All things are possible with God', which, when I click on it, does not exist. I don't know if this is to do with the block on your thumbnail, but it appears there is something wrong there. God bless

    1. Hi Brenda,

      hahaha no sister, that's where Kelline accidentally clicked the tiny blue "delete" beneath the post instead of sending it to drafts. I am gravely disappointed in it but I had to ask God, "is there something about the post that you did not want me to post?" I mean, the entire thing, gone, in the blink of an eye. I even tried the undo option at the top of the page but to no avail. Thank you for noticing and letting me know. I'll have a new post out soon. I had a testimony about God's ability to rush to me and rescue me in the past few days that I wanted to share but it's so darn hard to tell stories involving other individuals without it sounding somewhat gossipy. I'm trying to work that out somehow to get the point across while also telling the complete story so the reader doesn't feel empty and confused at the end of it.

      Ok then, I'll talk with you soon. And thank you again for letting me know about this because it tells me that once it's published it links itself immediately. Sorry you had to run around there. I learned something new today! God bless.

  11. It's ok, I think it's quirky that it was repeating that 'all things are possible with God', a bit like the title of my last post 'believe, all things are possible'. When things are doubled in the Bible it is usually God confirming something. Good eh?

  12. Hallo, Kelline,
    I start browsing my new feed reader today and began with the oldest one.

    Homosexuality ...
    Hmm, first I want to point out, that I know less about it (never talked to one e.g.). But I read somewhere, that it shall be a psychic disease, which can be healed with therapies ...
    Furthermore I consider it as a hot potato, so it's not easy talking/writing about ...
    Your argumentation is strong.

    Hm, yeah, I am interested in what talking in tongues sounds like, but more I am interested in the gift of interpretation.
    Look, it's comparatively easily for me, to learn new languages (English, German, Latin, a bit of Spanish and Japanese), so I wonder, if I would be able to interpret tongue language, too ...
    I know people, who are able to speak in tongues. But when I ask them to say something, they refuse it, because they're afraid, it could seem self-glorifying ...
    But look at 1. Corinthians 14,13:
    "Wherefore let him that speaketh in an unknown tongue pray that he may interpret." (KJV) How can people check, wether they are able to interpret, if the tongue speakers don't provide examples?

    Kelline, have you written about the gives of the Holy Spirit, yet? I would like to read about it, yet.
    For example: What do you think is the difference between wisdom and knowledge (see. 1. Corinthians 12,8)?

    A fascinating topic (but not regarding to the original post ...).

    1. Hi little brother,

      I'm replying to your comment in the hopes that you're able to get the reply this far into the post archive. I'm not good with technology but I assume you've clicked the "Subscribe by email" link below this box for comments so I'll go ahead with it.

      I can't recall whether I've written yet about the gifts of the spirit but I'm thinking I have somewhere. My problem is that I don't know what the title would be because I rarely entitle it to directly relate with the content. It's not likely that it would called "The Gifts of the Spirit." This is a deep subject and I should look through my archives before answering further. If I find that I haven't written about the gifts, then I will prayerfully consider writing my thoughts about that.

      I can tell you my thought on the difference between wisdom and knowledge is this:

      Wisdom Comes through experience. You gain wisdom over the course of the years. It comes from human emotions experienced. It comes from within you and cannot be obtained through reading books.

      Knowledge Comes by reading books, watching programs, researching, and/or data determination. Knowledge is gained by purposeful seeking and comes from without us or via outside sources.

      I want to go back to your comment about wanting someone to speak in tongues for the purpose of determining whether you can interpret or not. I feel that learning to understand another language may just be a gift that you have in which you may also find this gift of the Spirit. Find any Pentecostal church but here's a link to a church where I know for sure they speak in tongues and have live webcast services. Let me know how you feel about it..and by the way...you'll definitely know when they're speaking in tongues! https://www.revival.com/river


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