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Wednesday, May 2, 2012


My dear blogger friend at Crossed Tipped Churches  is an awesome photographer!!! Please do check him out. He has a great eye for the things of God and the church. He is no respecter of religions or faiths (as I've seen it to be) but he is taking pictures in Ohio, which I believe has an abundance of Catholic churches. He posted a photograph he took of Mary holding her dead child.

It really made me think about her. Mary, the mother of Jesus. The picture he chose was profoundly beautiful and sweetly heart rending. A mother holding her son after He has been brutally maimed, her hand cradling his head. It broke my heart. And then the conflict that all blood-bought Christians share, rose up in me, and I was so very grateful. As I looked at Russ' photograph, the tears streamed down my face. The emotion I felt was profound.

Once there was a mother. She had a son. Not just any son, and not just any conception. But a son who was a Deity, and a conception that was immaculate. His birth was contingent upon her obedience to the command of God. What would have happened if she had not believed the angel of the Lord that day? Would God have sent another angel to convince her or was she just one of millions he could have chosen to birth the Son of God?

Was the angel persuasive or was Mary just passive, making her a willing participant? We won't know on this side of eternity. My mind goes to the heart of this young mother. It's been researched and reported that Mary could have been as young as 12 years old when the angel came to her. Shocking for an American, considering our teenage daughters are still considered children at the age 18. But in the East, women are married off quite young and motherhood comes to any young woman who is able to conceive, provided her husband has been chosen for her by the family.

Mary...so young. Just a child perhaps. But beloved to God. Lovingly chosen to bear His son, and trusted to give Him up. I asked Russ on his blog, "do I dare to thank this mother?" I've never thought much about Mary. I always felt it would steer me in the wrong direction to give her more place than the Bible gives her. However, I've also come to realize that there's much of this life that isn't written in the Bible. It's even said that all the books of the world cannot hold the acts of Christ. So, that being said, I think Mary deserves her place in our speech. She deserves our appreciation for having faith enough to believe that what was going to happen was for the good of mankind, and even though she could do nothing to stop the loss of her beloved child, she agreed to obey.

Mary, beautiful mother of Jesus, I'm so sorry that they hurt you and stole your child from your arms. I'm so sorry that you had to watch the cruelty this world contains. I understand, however, you were told, "woman, behold thy son." St. John 19:26. And now, my heart is wrenching within me at your pain, all those 1000s of years ago. I hurt with you. Now, I feel sure that you are seated within the throne room. Hailed by the angels as the mother of their Master and Lord.

She suffered much while here..right along with her son. "I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory that shall be revealed in us." Romans 8:18. Mary, mother of God, full of grace and truth. Thank you.


  1. Thanks Kelline,

    You are too kind. The Pieta is one of my favorite subjects. I was real happy with the way this one came out. And even happier to read your post inspired by it. Thanks for Sharing and the Kudo's.

    1. I have to speak the truth as I see it, my friend. It's hard to evoke emotion from an individual if you put none in. You have a heart for these photographs. You capture them well, and they are displayed with a gentle reverence. It really comes across. There are small imaginary arrows on each photograph that say, "look here how he caught the light," or "see how the shadow falls across her face?" or "see how the image in the background cradles the one in foreground?" It's a detail and a love for each. You're a good photographer!! I appreciate what you offer to one such as myself. I am a woman of constant sorrow deep inside, through photographs like yours (specifically chosen to show the things of the Kingdom) I can express that emotion and love for my Savior and allow it to be released from my soul.

  2. BTW the Large Number of churches in my area is really called "The Land of the Cross Tipped Churches". I forget the number but it's over 30 Catholic Churches within a 35 mile radius of the Shrine of the Holy Relics in Maria Stein. They were all put on the National Registry for Historical places in 1979. I even got to meet the two women who were responsible for getting the churches on the registry. They came to my showing of the pictures I had taken of the Churches at the local library 2 years ago. I am planning another show in the near future. My blog is one of the largest if not the largest online collection of pictures of these beautiful churches. Every year I say this is going to be my last or at least give it a rest, but then I find myself on a country drive chasing steeples LOL. And then another year begins.

    1. I kind of thought the ratio of Catholic churches to square miles must be high because you post mostly, if not all, photographs of Catholic church items. I hope I was somewhat accurate. If ever you see an inaccuracy (specifically if it references you) DO correct me.

      As far as the steeple chasing is concerned I say, keep chasing steeples Russ. I think it's a noble profession or hobby. Do what you love! You've got a good eye. Your blog members would miss your photographs. Thanks for coming by :-)


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