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Thursday, February 23, 2012


I have to post this as evidence of Christ in me! I'm watching a documentary called "Lockup: Inside Riverbend" which is essentially the cameras catching the life inside the prison Riverbend, located in Nashville, TN. I just have to express that I'm weeping and feeling compassion for a young inmate (a mere 21 yrs. old) who violently murdered his aunt because she was the closest thing to killing his mother. A mother who betrayed his love as a child and brutalized him. I'm speaking in the Spirit. Jesus loves him so much. He loves this young man. I love this young man. It's not his fault that his mother hurt him and it's not his fault that he is damaged so much that in his own words, "I have no value on this earth except to be a serial killer and if I'm never getting out of this place, I figure I might as well carry out that plan..to be a serial killer." He's in lock down 23 hours a day. Not because of his crime but because he's violent inside the prison walls. He doesn't know love. He didn't know love. But Love (capitalized to represent Christ and the nature of who Christ is) knows him. I love the young man in spite of what he did. Some would call me as insane as the young man, but I know Christ, and He dictates this emotion. My flesh would hate the young man but I don't operate in the flesh. I operate in the Spirit and the Spirit is of God and God is love! It's the only way I can say to the world that God loves, and if He's inside you then you love the unlovable. Those who know Jesus, know love and understand me with perfect clarity. Those who do not know Jesus have no understanding and therefore no compassion and can't understand what I'm saying or where it even comes from. In closing, I say this, I'd rather be considered insane or crazy for loving this young man than to be cold along with the world and deem him unlovable and condemn him to death or hell.

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