We all have a choice to believe in something, I choose to believe in God!

Saturday, January 7, 2012


God of my soul and the light that shines from within me, give me the faith of a child! Show me that it's ok to trust you. Teach me that it's all about letting go and letting you do what you know is best for me. Show me that it's well worth it to jump off the side of the pool into your waiting arms and that the water is cool and I'll be safe. Help me to find my way down the path I've set my foot to. Just because I can see with my eyes that I'm here, that doesn't mean it's the right place for me to be. Faith in you will lead me onto and keep me on the right path. Give me that innocent trust that allows me to just say, "ok, I'll do it because you say so, God." When I wake in the first light of the day you give me, help me to see the beauty all around me. Let the moment I put my feet on the floor be the moment I am ready for your directions and guidance. Don't let my life be full of religion and traditions that would cloud my spiritual senses. Let me to see the act of worshipping you as I would see the act of picking a flower to give to my mom. Let my life be a simple act of giving to you. Teach me that I can give every part of my life to you and trust it in your hands. Show me that there's a right way to love and a wrong way to think of love. Show me the light and the glory of your essence and make me to know that's it's you I experience in a world such as this. Teach me about your heart. Teach me what touches you and show me how to attain to that knowledge. Take me back to the beginning of my soul and teach me how to love you afresh. Help me Lord to be who you created me to be! Show me how it is that your ways are higher than my ways. Show me how it is that your thoughts are not my thoughts. Give me every chance to say I'm sorry. Let me pick a flower for you Lord. If you'll hold out your arms, I'll jump! Give me the faith of a child so that I can jump!!!!

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