We all have a choice to believe in something, I choose to believe in God!

Saturday, October 22, 2011


I gotta give God praise for getting me through this week!! Wow! Without going into boring details, I didn't know how to start. But I know with Whom I was able to finish. Why do I ever doubt Him? He has never once let me down. He's never once said, "No daughter." He's only ever said, "Let me show you a better way than the one that you think is the best." I swear I can't think of one prayer that had a "No" answer attached to it. I might be one of a few people that doesn't ask for riches, fame, wild beauty, etc. I'm more interested in those things of the Spirit where it counts. The depths of my soul are where the need is. And that's where He works the best. I've never said, "God, make me rich," but I'm sure that if I had, His answer would be something like, "Let me show you how much better simplicity is." I've experienced a lot of life's lessons in that regard. It wasn't me teaching me the values that count. So, what used to be a desire for the natural, became a hunger for the spiritual, and He answered that prayer right away. It's amazing how quick we can get what we want when it's His will. When we ask for the things that aren't in His will, we can be waiting a long time and in the end, we'll just end up with a lesson on why the thing we asked for wasn't good for us after all. Why bother taking a route that will lead you the long way around to the wrong destination?

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