We all have a choice to believe in something, I choose to believe in God!

Sunday, August 21, 2011


I used to wonder what would happen if the sun didn't rise.  I actually worried at times about it.  Then, I was saved by the blood of Jesus Christ and so many truths began to emerge.  One of those Truths was the fact that all things are under the Lord's control and He is faithful, unlike us.  The sun will always rise.  There's no one thing in this life, this universe, that will stop the sun from rising if that's what the Lord wants it to do. It's such a simple thing to so many.  It's definitely something taken for granted, perhaps never even pondered by most.  But, I believe every soul wonders about their origins.  The Bible tells us that science is "vain babbling."  How in this world can anyone believe that all of the order on the planet earth is the result of an explosion in outer space?  Do this, take a bag and fill it with pebbles. Then poor them out abruptly and see how many times they'll spell your name perfectly and "in order."  Never happen.  That's what science wants you to believe created this world.  Some unknown force abruptly tossed a bag of rocks and it spelled out all of the perfect order and beauty and design of this planet.  Or, just dig deep and find your soul.  Why would we even wonder about our origins if that's all there is to us?  Hmmmm. 

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